Bugs in the machine

:help: Tiny, minute cockroaches have found a safe haven within the innards of my computer at work. They occassionally pop out, such as when I am having my coffee. Since it is the best organic Nicaraguan blend around, I do not think the flavor can be improved by their swimming in it.

Can anyone suggest a way to eliminate them WITHOUT harming the equipment? I already had one instance when one of them got burned in the power supply. The explosion was quite loud, and unnerving… :astonished:

Just spry a little of the roach-ticide in it, they’ll move out

minute cockroaches are only the babies of much larger ones… they get laid as eggcases of about 15-20 babies per eggcase. you must have had or still have several larger cockroaches in your machine for a while.

place the entire unit in the freezer, securley enclosed in a large plastic bag to prevent (1) dew condensation in your computer and (2) the roaches escaping as they struggle to get somewhere warmer.

keep the machine in the bag as you return it to room temp the next day… open the case and vacuum the little shits away.

Eh, thanks for the suggestions, guys, but insecticide will damage the conduits, and the fridge at work is filled to the brim, will not fit a desktop…

You don’t need to empty it in your case … just a tiny bit and not onto your motherboard …

OK then…

hmm. open the case, stand by with chopsticks ready and then spear the little suckas as they flee?

play Barry Manilow at them all day, or mandopop. that’d have me moving out in a flash.

encourage them to migrate to your neighbour’s computer by filling it with bread and cake crumbs.

bore them to death by discussing taiwan politics.


roach traps to around where they could get out of the case? you can also spray insecticide on the removable panel and that should get them out or kill them… fumes shouldnt do to much to your parts

Go natural.
Catnip & Bay leaves.

[quote=“TheGingerMan”]Go natural.
Catnip & Bay leaves.[/quote]

Cats are good at catching roaches… put a cat inside the computer… the roach will provide enough meal to keep your cat happy. Catnip can be used to keep your cat happy…

Thanks for all your suggestions. Cire, I have planted enough traps in the vicinity to make my desk look like a dalmatian’s back.

Gingerman, I haven’t opened the case, this being my work computer, but I will recruit some technical help/authorization. Someone else gave me a garlic concoction that should also do the trick.

Catnip…mmm… I have plenty of that. As to cats in the office, Rahimii, one day we did have a runaway, rogue kitten bumping through all the second floor. Don’t ask me where he went.

Urodacus, they already hear discussions about Taiwan politics all day. And I play CCR or 70s hard rock, Barry Manilow would kill me, too. Bee Gees OK?

Well…1st you get a shaver, some lighter fluid and marches and a sharp knife.
Then ya shave one side…
Douse the other side with lighter fluid and then set it on fire…
When they run out of the fire ya stab them with the knife!

Wait…Ohhh…you mean bugs in yer computer box…[i]Nevermind![/i/