Building a computer from scratch


i’m soon going to get a computer here, but i’d like to learn how to put computers together, rather than simply purchasing one already put together. basically, what i’d like to do is buy all the components: motherboard, cpu, video card, etc. etc. etc. by myself and then put it all together and install the software.

does anyone have any experience doing this? would you recommend doing it, or just getting one already put together? obviously, it’d be easier for me to just get one put together for me, but i’m wondering whether it’s going to be well beyond my abilities. i’ve tinkered around the inside of a computer before, but it’s been mostly maintenance and replacing components, rather than putting it all together.

any advice?

I think assembling a computer yourself is fun if you like that kind of stuff.

  1. Find information using your Internet search engine, like this: … _computer/

  2. Find an experienced friend to go shopping with you at Guan-Hwa

  3. Read the manuals and play with your new toys.

Just make sure you get name-brand stuff so you don’t get into trouble with poor drivers, poor hardware support, poor documentation, poor web site support, etc. Almost all manuals are in Chinese but larger companies offer manuals in other languages on their web sites. I think everyone can talk forever on your thread so I will give it a rest here.

thanks for the tip…i feel empowered to tinker under the hood!

hey, i think the main thing i’m worrying about is the cost and/or availability of english language software, i.e. windows xp and such. i guess i can score those at guanghua - i think i’m going to scope out the market this weekend. i won’t be purchasing everything for a few weeks anyway.

I thought this was about “building a computer from scratch”? (Or were scratches on the cards meant?) Back in the old times (dream…) such statement would have meant you buy all the components, etch the PCBs and solder everything - today it’s just Lego with expensive blocks…
I’m not sure if what you plan will be fun, embryopoet. It was still quite interesting a few years back when there still were huge differences between all the mainboards. These days, they all look the same - boring. But still, there is no warranty that everything you plug together will run, so you better care for backup in form of a friend who might be able to sort out problems - or sooner than you expect you might find some white hair on your head…

Anyone teach pc building skills in taipei?


I might give a couple of hints… if it’s just legoblocks of modern PC.


If you want to learn about computers, just ask any kid in your building.

The places at guanghwa typically charge 500NT to assemble it and test it for you. So it depends whether you feel it is worth your time/experience to spent 2 hours assembling your computer.

These days, the most difficult thing you’ll probably come across is putting the heatsink/fan on your CPU. Put that sucker on wrong(ie without thermal paste) and you have a well-done CPU. Make sure you have a experienced friend watching you when you’re doing things.

Make sure you get a motherboard that has instructions in english

That is very good advice, you need to know what all the jumpers do and what goes where. But Asus for one puts all the manuals on their website, so you can always download it if you don’t get one.