Building Materials Sourcing Agent/Business

I’m through trying to source materials myself. Been there, done that and hate it. Too many problems trying to find what I need. Too many translation/language barriers problems. Too many phone calls, headaches, etc.

Are you aware of any agents, businesses, friends, yourself, whoever, that can source a list of materials I need for a semi-smallish building project? All I hope to do is give them the list in English/Chinese with the amounts and dimensions required, and then after a nice long talk to be sure they understand exactly what I want, they do what they have to do, call me back a week later and give me a price for everything, itimized of course.

Anyone around like that?

I’m willing to pay whatever premium they charge for their services. Just hoping they don’t pad extra profit into the material prices.

Materials needed: Typical building supplies for a walls (drywall, studs, etc) as well as some non-typical building materials (building my own thick doors) and specialty sound-proofing materials.

I’m not thinking I’ll find anyone, but you never know…


Why don’t you start by posting your list on here, and people can have a go at it.

Yeah, thought about that. But then thought it might put me back to where I started: dealing with several people and several suppliers, etc. I honestly just want to deal with one person and let them do all the legwork.

Thanks for the thought though.

I know what you mean. I know a lot of building suppliers, but only in Taidong.
Sorry, not much help in Ktown.