Building supplies


I’ve undertaken a reno of my apartment. I am looking for some decent, affordable building supplies in Taipei City or around Neihu. B&Q or what ever it is called has most of what I require, but it’s mainly the decorations they have there and not the raw materials.

I’m looking for the things below. Or a good supply shop for contractors.

  • 2x2 lumber for framing the Taiwan way. (Not sure what kind of wood they use, but it’s redish in color and seems to be a little rot resistant. Any idea what type it is?)
  • Wall panels or ceiling panels (Taiwan Drywall)
  • Primer (most places tell me that we don’t use primer in Taiwan. I think it’s BS but perhaps that explains why paint jobs are generally shite here)
  • Drywall screws 2" (bulk)
  • Concrete nails 3"
  • Wood nails 3" (bulk
  • Styrofoam insulation (The high density blue stuff or Styrofoam SM type)
  • Heavy duty plastic rolls (Vapor barrier)
  • Fiber Mesh Drywall tape


This street, Taiyuan Road, near Main Station is a popular ‘construction street’. You’ll likely need to speak Mandarin or Hoklo to get anything done.