Bullying and debates


Tigerman, in my opinion, is a master of the art of debating. He collects relevant information, quotes it, and comes back with coherant refutation. I have personally studied his style and use it on a regular basis outside of Forumosa, it works and works well.

Tigerman has well and truely won my respect.

Mother T, another worthy debater, sometimes has a warped opinion, but always presents a strong defending argument.

I suggest learning from these guys, call them “Daddy” if you will, maybe they’ll even spank you if you have been a bad boy.

[quote=“fred smith”]Just a point of clarification Mapodofu:

You did jump on me quite hard for calling Arab women fat and suggesting they might be smelly. Are your comments with regard to Mesheel’s breasts above perhaps equally as unsuitable? I am not jumping on you but I would like to find a point of consistency here.

My Dear Fredrique:

Well spank my ass and stuff me with hominy! All I did was quote (well, paraphrase) Mesheel. The day that an Arab woman posts here that all Arab women are universally fat and smelly is the day that you can whomp on me for daring to point out Mesheel’s comment and my subsequent impugning of Joe’s motives. :stuck_out_tongue:


That would be a big 10-4 on the debating prowess of Tigerman.

Mapodofu (ette?): Just giving you a hard time. In the meantime, I guess Mesheel does not want to personally defend the status of her bosoms on this thread. haha