Burger King

Is there a Burger King restaurant in Taichung anywhere?

Sadly, no. When you find a place for a decent burger (Chili’s is OK, but pricey; The Dive used to make a mean meal, but they closed up shop), please let us know!!!

When I first came to Taiwan like umm… 7 years ago… there was one in the DaLi Da Mai Jia center… but it folded not long after. Hence trips up top always end with a trip to BK.

Does anyone have any greasy burger hook-ups? I could murder a BK burger right about now.


there is a burger king now in taichung. since its next to a collage its decor is quite fancy for a fast food establishment.

Feng Chia University

taiwanfun.com/central/taichung/ dining/ 0907/ 0907BurgerKing.htm (no space)

they are building a new one near by Chong Yo department store.

u can clearly tell there target market lol.

There’s a second Burger King in Taichung. It’s on SanMin Road near 1st street.

Just like Tesco. It will open for a while, sell shit that isn’t quite what you want, and then change names and sell nothing you like.