Burning the Prince's Boat

The Burning of the Prince’s Boat Ceremony, which is held in Tungkang every three years, will take place next month. Has anyone seen it? Any suggestions? Looks like it’s worth a trip (and a few beers).

John, do you have the date for the burning? I’ve been doing some research on that area and it sounds potentially interesting. I will be going there in December though maybe I should change plans to hit the boat burning.

The nearby Taipeng lagoon area also sounds interesting. The only lagoon in Taiwan, it’s got imported palm trees from Hawaii, and Ryukyu Island, the only coral island off Taiwan.

Mucha Man,
I don’t have a date yet, (been busier than a two-dollar whore) but I’ll make a few calls next week and post the details here.

it already happened i think. i saw great front page photos on all papers last Sunday. huge burning boat. correct me if wrong.

Thanks John.

Forumosa, which paper did you see it in? I checked the TT and found nothing.

it was the chinese papers here. United Daily News, CHINA TIMES, Liberty Times. the englishy papes didn;t cover. so maybe i am wrong, maybe it was another festival. but is sure looked like it. i heard the date was Oct 19 for the big burn. that would be sunday no?

check the data bases for the Chinese papers here

Could be. It’s typical of the E papers to cover an event after or the day before the event.

or to ignore it completely if they covered it last time, 3 years ago. politics is taking center stage now.

He he. Your humor has improved since you returned.

Damn it,
Formosa is right. The boat burning ceremony happened on the weekend. The info I saw on the internet (I think it was the Taipei Times website) was wrong. Anyway, sorry for misleading people in saying it was going to take place in November. What a bastard! I was looking forward to going down to Tungkang and getting some good pics. Oh well, just need to wait another three years.