Bus line Taichong train station - Sogo


Does anyone know numbers of bus lines running between the train station and Sogo (in Little Europe I think) in taichong, or where I can find them out? Alas, I don’t really know the area.

Thanks, Louise

Go to the visitor centre at the train station. They speak English and have information on everything, including all the bus routes and prices and times. Great, great resource. And not just in Taichung. All big cities in taiwan now have a railway station visitor center.

There are a few lines that run this route:

Taichung bus company numbers 106 and 88. tcbus.com.tw/ways.htm

Newer green colored city buses (Tong Lien) number 83. ubus.com.tw/bus/busline_6.asp

Catch these buses across the street from the train station. Fares are 20NT.


Thanks very much!