Bus route help


New to Taiwan!

Please direct me exact route from National taiwan university, roosevelt road to national Tsin-husa university, Hsinchu by bus.

I dont know chinese, so please guide where, how and which bus I must take and how much does the ticket cost? If possible please let me know the frequencey of buses.

Thanks in advance.

that’s a tall order… Hsinchu is in another city and there is no inner city bus per se that’ll take you out of taipei to your exact destination… you’re gonna have to head to Taipei main station and either take a shuttle bus from Taipei to Hsinchu or take the train down there… sorry i don’t know my way around Hsinchu yet… maybe somebody else who lives there can help.

When you reach Taipei Main Station you can use the MRT from there to KungKuan which is directly in front of TaiDa.
That will cost you NT$20.

Yes, no inner bus to HsinChu. Best bet would be to go to the Taipei Main Station and take Kuo-Kwong Bus to HsinChu. The cost would be around $100-150NT each way and there are buses every other 10-15 mins. From there, maybe you can take the inner bus or taxi to go to the university.

Train will works as well, but a bit slower than the bus since they made more stops during the trip. The cost is cheaper too.

Good Luck!

Dont really take the bus so I am no very sure, but I believe most buses have a stop at Ching Hwa Unversity. When you take the bus and get off the highway, you are already on the road in which Ching Hwa is located, Guang Fu Rd. Sorry cant be of much more help.

There’s a huge bus stop right outside Tsing Hwa University in Hsinchu. After you get off the freeway, you’ll go down Kuang-Fu Road for a few blocks, and the university will be on your left. Most of the inter-city busses stop at that spot. I don’t know the National Taiwan University area very well, but there may very well be stops around there where the busses to Hsinchu do pickups. If you can’t find those, then your best bet might be as others have said, goto Taipei main station first.

Free Go Bus:
Ticket: NTD 120 round trip: NTD220 You can take this bus at Hsin-Tien Temple (Song Jiang Road)
Frequency:15 Minutes.
Hsin chu side: the first stop is Chiao Tung University, the second stop is Tsing Hwa University.

How-Tai Bus:
Ticket: NTD 130 Taipei Main Station(Cheng Der Road)
Frequency:15 Minutes