Buses from airport

I know which bus to get… but friends from HOngKong dont… they arrive late Friday night and I cant get out there to greet them… so

a) when do the buses stop from CKS to Taipei - AirBus etc
b) which AirBus goes to Aisa World Hotel? (cnr Nanjing & Dunhua)
c) Do these bus line have English webistes?
d) if there are no buses what are their options?


FreeGo Express (

Thanks monkey but my HK friends cant read Chinese so this site is no good for them.

I might just have to organise limo pick up…

I flew in again in June and found the bus counters to be very competitive since there are so many lines now. The hotel names are in English and using English wasn’t a problem. The driver knows where you are getting off and should assist you. (I have always used the ‘Airbus’ company - red, white & blue buses).

if you prefer to save your money for limo pick-up, just tell your guests to look for the FreeGo counter (and its logo) at the airport, and to ask the driver to notify them when the airbus gets to AsiaWorld. Unless they are really unexperienced about going abroad…

Don’t waste time or money on a limo, buses are cheap and comfortable.

Tell your friends to:
1.Turn left once they’re past customs and into the arrivals hall.
2. Walk into the smaller hall with the counters advertising buses. Look for any counter with “Asia World Hotel” on it.
3. If they can’t see it, just ask any attendant at any desk…if their own bus company doesn’t do that route, they will point you to another that does. Tell them how many and which hotel…

tickets are about NT150 per person (HKD35) or less.

Airbus and FreeGo are both good, but any of them are acceptable.

here is the englsih CKS website for bus transportto the city