Buses in Taoyuan

Wow, there sure are a lot of buses in downtown Taoyuan, and they all seem to have one thing in common. They’re all for getting you somewhere other than Taoyuan. Are they trying to tell us something?

In Taipei, if I want to get from one part of the city to another, I can get on a bus at a bus stop, then get off when I feel like it. In Taoyuan, that doesn’t work. Are there no local buses?

What’s the situation in other cities? I’m American. I don’t think I can ride around on a moped without feeling like a retard. Where I come from, they beat you up for riding something that silly. It’s like the gay answer to Harley Davidson. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

The 106 goes from NanKan through to Taoyuan train station with regular stops. It’s dirty, cheap, and smelly. The bus is almost as bad.

I didn’t have a scooter for the first 16 months I lived in Taoyuan City. During that time I found out that, yes, there are local buses. Unfortunately, I was never able to find bus information in English. Until my Chinese place names got better, I would painstakenly use my computer’s IME pad to write the characters into an online dictionary for translation. It was all part of the adventure for me.

Anyway, here’s the Taoyuan Bus Company’s page with all the bus numbers and routes in the drop-down menu. A sample is shown below. As you see, it’s in Chinese. Clicking the orange circled button will provide a map of whichever route you choose.

I can help you with the routes I regularly took.

Hey there! I’ve been living in Nankan since last month and I think I’ve got the bus system down. It’s nowhere as comprehensive as Taipei’s, but it’s easy enough to get to Daxi, Zhongli, Dayuan, and Nankan. Let me know if I can be any help.

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Some good info here, thanks everybody. So there are city buses and I’ve got a rough idea where to find them. But with all these other buses around, is there an easy way to recognize a city bus? Thanks.

Buses with four digits for their number codes are long-haul coaches that go between cities/counties. One, two, or three digit call codes mean a local bus. Of course local could be something like Taoyuan City to Zhongli, but at least you stay within the county. If you’re not down for learning the ins and outs (and lefts and rights) of scootering, I strongly recommend you consider a regular old bicycle. Taoyuan is great for bike riding, as long as the weather is alright.

Taoyuan people, PM me if you’re interested on hanging out! I have a lot of downtime while working on my thesis…

Even I am local, I still find difficulty to use that research system. It is one of the most difficult system I have ever used.

Hey! I’m moving to taoyuan on the 3rd April. Would love to meet up with some of you guys in the first couple of weeks! Would love to pick your ear for any tips you guys might have!

There are some free local buses, too. Taimall in Nankan has a minibus service and the Carrefours in Taoyuan City also have their own buses.

Welcome to the county of peaches, where the most entertaining things to do are getting out of here by bus (to Taipei) and by airplane (to other countries). :smiley: