Buses to Tienmu from Xinjuang?

Hey, so this isn’t the most interesting question
:blush: but I would really love to know if their is a bus that goes to Tienmu from Xinjuang?

I have a job interview there this week and I have never been there… a bus all the way there rather than the mrt and a bus and another bus etc. would work for me.

If anybody knows please let me know THANKS! :sunglasses:

You’re not thinking of commuting between Tianmu and Xinzhuang every day, are you? That doesn’t seem a very sensible way to use your time.

In future (2009) you will be able to travel to Xinzhuang by MRT (subway), changing at Minquan West Road (see map), but at the moment transport in Sanchong and Xinzhuang is painfully slow precisely because of work on the MRT line. There is at least one bus that goes to Xinzhuang from Minquan West Road via Sanchong, but it is s-l-o-w. From Tianmu you might have some bus option via Wugu.

Xinzhuang is a big place. There’s the 235 bus that you can take from the Guting MRT station. There are others green buses but I forget the numbers. They start with 6xx though. One of those buses I think 637 goes to The Westin Hotel and does pass one of the MRT stations, maybe Minquan W. Road. You’d have to ask around.

And I agree with Juba. If you live in Tianmu and want to work in Xinzhuang, you’ll be in commute hell.