Buses to TLI in Shilin?

Anybody studying at TLI’s Shih Lin b[/b] location on 238 Shih Tung b[/b] Rd? Could you tell me what buses go there? Thanks!

quite a few, from where?

I’d be coming from Neihu Sec. 1.

Thanks for any advice!

you got me there. i know the 645 comes from that area and goes right down zhongcheng rd past shidong and the takeshima department store. hope that helps you.

Thanks. It did help. Other buses that go there, in case anybody’s interested: 646, 267 (the small bus), R15, R12, 606, 285.

I did that commute my first year in Taiwan, oh… six years ago. I don’t remember which bus #'s I took - and they may have changed anyway. I caught the bus in XiHu, the bus went through the tunnel from DaJr (Dazhi) to ShiLin, and then I had to transfer to another bus which dropped me off right by the department store. Maybe there’s a faster bus route now. If you haven’t got a bus guide, get one. Happy studying!

TLI has classes in Neihu now. It’s closer to your location. THe addressi is listed on the web page. www.tli.com.tw