Bush absent from U.S. front pages

US press downplays Bush trip
By Jon Leyne
BBC correspondent in Washington

The president’s arrival in the UK received little US press coverage
For all those who believe London is the centre of the world, the American papers have rather a rude shock today.

It seems the United States is not watching President Bush’s every move in Britain news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/3283103.stm[/quote]

Not quite the star-spangled media festival the Bush regime wanted.


All things are relative, no? :laughing:

Actually, I hadn’t noticed that the US media was not covering Bush in London… and what with all the protests, maybe Bush doesn’t want so much coverage back in the US???

Of course not. I read he (or his administration) requested that London would not allow any protests to avoid any chance of pictures being taken with him and the protestors (in the background or whatever).

You mean like Bush pictured with Queen Elizabeth II on the front page of today’s Washington Post?

The NY Times ran with a picture of the mourning of the Italians killed in Iraq.

The lead story was Gay marriaige in Massachusets (what an impossible spelling that is - did the Brits dream it up?)

The state visit isn’t even mentioned on the front page. I guess it must be a whinging leftist paper. :laughing:

And now even the pomp-loving BBC has replaced the state visit with the Michael Jackson story. Proof positive that scandal sells best and the BEEB is down and dirty with the worst of them. :frowning:

Bush in disguise asking for the way to Buckingham Palace:

The palast has already been liberated, thank god - it’s safe now.

Jenna and Barbara will make sure nothing can happen to daddy.

Bush’s took of the disguise but couldn’t find his pants …

And then … Bush slapping Prince Charles!

Bush therefore getting arrested.

:wink: Have a nice weekend! :smiley:

And this surprises you why, exactly??

This is, after all, the “unbiased” American media which gave live gavel-to-gavel coverage of the Democratic Convention on all major broadcast networks a few years ago, while largely ignoring the Republican convention, and refusing even to bother to air a Bush speech a few years ago because sitcom reruns were more important to them.