Bush is a puppet

The U.S is run by a loony tyrannical weasel wagon that is rewriting the constitution and brainwashing its own people. Not far to go before ‘America’ as we know it is no longer a democracy, if it is today.

Iraq is a joke.

Bush is a puppet. And a very amusing inanimate one at that. Illiterate, a reformed drunk hand-picked by god himself to be the president.

Wow. Good luck with the economy!!

The truth hurts sometimes. Suck it up.[/quote]

And what truth is that? Calling somebody with an MBA from Harvard and the political acumen to defeat every opponent he has ever faced (except in a 1970s Congressional race) illiterate demonstrates your stupidity in posting and also your immaturity. Saying that he has re-written the “constitution” is even more outrageous. Based on your lack of judgement, and considering your ability to put your “foot in your mouth” in new surroundings, I can see why you got into trouble in Korea. In fact, I can see why you were challenged four times in one month.