Bush is Batman

I don’t get it. But according to the Wall Street Journal.
What Bush and Batman Have in Common

And people trust these guys for investment advice? I saw the movie and didn’t think about Bush or politics at all. If I did think about Bush I would connect him more to the evil clown guy. It’s just a movie. It’s fiction. But then again so was Saddam’s WMD.
Even after the first movie.
A Liberal Mugged

Here in the real world the problem is that we don’t have any crime fighters. Bush’s government is like all the dirty cops in Gotham that are paid to look the other way. They used 9-11 like the Scarecrow’s fear-inducing gas.

Alfred: Will you be telling them we want the oil, sir?

Bat Bush: At the UN, Alfred? Not very subtle.

Alfred: The weapons of mass destruction excuse then. That’s much more subtle.

i’ve seen this movie before… :neutral: several times in this pithy, watered down excuse for an IP forum.

I don’t know what movie McCoy watched, but all I could see in that movie were obvious references to the present world situation. On the whole, the movie was a huge disappointment. I don’t go to a Batman movie for moralizing statements about someone’s worldview. Save that for Oliver Stone and the pessimistic European directors.

Ledger was good, though… He could net the first posthumous Oscar. Can someone CGI an acceptance speech that makes Ledger look like he’s really accepting the award? That would be cool…

Bush and Cheney as Batman and Robin? . . . I don’t think so.

I’m looking forward to the sequel – The Dim Duo – starring these two guys:

Bush went to the Whitehouse Halloween party as Batman last year. He wore the red cape and carried the golden lariat. Kept yelling, “Hi Ho Silver, Away!”

Second I think, also won by an Australian actor.

Second I think, also won by an Australian actor.[/quote]

True enough… Peter Finch won for Network, one of the ten funniest American films of all time. With all the network execs discussing how to get rid of Finch’s out-of-control character, program director Robert Duvall chimes in, “So we’re talking about murder, on the air…? I want everyone’s thoughts on this…”

Now… I need a copy of Network.

One rather pathetic element of all these defenses of Bush’s slinking into the darkness to deal with the darkness is that many of the people actually employed to carry out the policy now sit in miltary prisons. I speak of course of the retards at Abu Ghraib. While I feel almost no sympathy for them, where are their conservative champions?

I read this in a comment column on the current election news. Pretty funny.

" " The George W. Bush Presidential Library is now being planned.
The Library will contain these carefully planned sites:

The Hurricane Katrina Room (still under construction).
The Alberto Gonzales Room, where you temporarily lose memory.
The Texas Air National Guard Room (you don’t have to show up).
The Walter Reed Hospital Room (they don’t let you in).
The Guantanamo Bay Room (they don’t let you out).
The Weapons of Mass Destruction Room (which no one can find).
The National Debt room (enormous and no ceiling).
The Tax Cut Room (special entry only to wealthy members).
The Economy Room (near the toilet).
The Iraq War Room (after the first tour, you must
go back for a second, third, and sometimes fourth tour).
The Dick Cheney Room (in an hidden location, but complete
with shotgun gallery).
The Environmental Conservation Room (totally empty).
The Supremes Gift Shop, where you can buy an election.
The Airport Men’s Room (meet well known Republican Senators).
The Decider Room complete with dartboard, magic 8-ball, Ouijaboard, and videogames.
The museum also has an electron microscope to help locate the President’s accomplishments.

Admission: Republicans - free; Democrats -$1,000 or 3 Euros " "