Bush 'pro-life,' hahahahaha

A long, long time ago, I can still remember when George W Bush let his principles be known.

Fingering global funding for AIDS prevention and treatment, the president thought to himself: “I’m gonna party like it’s 1980.”

(cue disco beat)

[quote] The gag rule, often called the “Mexico City policy,” bars distribution of U.S. family planning funds to clinics in other countries that provide abortion or abortion counseling or lobby for change in abortion policies.

…The change would require family planning groups to create separate facilities for family planning and for HIV/AIDS programs in order to receive federal support.

…The policy would pose particular problems for women, who would be forced to find and visit separate clinics in many areas where existing family planning centers may be the only health care of any kind for miles around. Moreover, pregnant women with AIDS–especially mothers–might also need to discuss reproductive health with the same doctor who treats AIDS, as childbirth often leaves AIDS patients with further weakened immune systems.[/quote]

did you write the book of love
and do you have faith in god above
if the bible tells you so…

(record scratches off)
The Economist June 5th this year:

Well George… I’m sitting here and I’m absently fingering my absentee ballot in between typing. I told myself then I would remember you when the time came, George. Well it’s here, and we remembers, oh yes. We never forgets.