Bush Torture Policy Really Hits Home

Thanks to torture heroes such as David Addington, Cheney, Bush2, Alberto Gonzales, John Yoo, Jay Bybee and Donald Rumsfeld, their media cheerleaders such as FOX and oh so many pro-terror mouthpieces, some Americans have returned home from the wars still considering torture is a legitimate disciplinary option.

So this soldier was reportedly drunk, tired of his little 4yr old girl having problems saying her ABCs, allegedly waterboards her in the kitchen sink.

Let’s see if Rush, Hannity, or O’Reilly picks this up and tries explaining just how valuable it was to justify torture and bless the administration who legalized its practice in pursuit of accused villains.

Police: Iraq vet abused daughter, held her head in water[quote]The child also told police that Tabor “put me in the water,” the report said, so she “would say my letters.”

“It was hot, the water was hot. I told him I would say my letters then!” the girl told police, according to the police report.

Under questioning, according to the police report, Tabor admitted to holding his daughter in the sink because she was afraid of water, and he wanted her to recite the ABCs.

But Tabor denied putting the child’s face underwater or turning on the faucet. He put her head in the sink “three to four times,” Tabor told police, according to the report.

“She said her letters after that,” the report quoted Tabor as saying.[/quote]
Man charged with mock ‘waterboarding’ 4-year-old for not reciting her ABC’s

US soldier ‘waterboards’ daughter

U.S. soldier Joshua Tabor waterboards his daughter, 4, because she couldn’t recite alphabet: police

Soldier charged with ‘waterboarding’ 4yo

US soldier charged with ‘waterboarding’ daughter

As for FOX news being ‘fair and balanced’ - they downgraded their coverage of the story and carefully left out references to simulated drowning or waterboarding, which isn’t so surprising. FOX is still waterboarding’s top sales network.

Mystery Surrounds Who Paid for George Bush Billboard

"NPR: Internet chatter had led to speculation that it might be an urban myth – nothing more than clever digital trickery spreading via the Web. But our friend Bob Collins at Minnesota Public Radio assures us he’s seen it with his own eyes: There is a billboard along I-35 near Wyoming, Minn., with a huge photo of former president George W. Bush and this question: “Miss Me Yet?”

J.S…seek help…BDS can be cured…:pray:

Can K.D.S. (Krauthammer Disgust Symptoms) be likened to B.D.S. (Bush Disaster Sadness)?

Decades no doubt. Maybe generations.

Its not really so hard to see why this soldier/father tragedy is basically buried by most American networks.

Obama talked about reducing the elephant/donkey divide, but this being an election year, topics like this (ie domestic torture, terror, espionage) are going to make political appearances (especially Q&As) all the more interesting.

[quote]U.S. soldier ‘waterboarded his own daughter, 4, because she couldn’t recite alphabet’

A soldier waterboarded his four-year-old daughter because she was unable to recite her alphabet.

Joshua Tabor admitted to police he had used the CIA torture technique because he was so angry.

As his daughter ‘squirmed’ to get away, Tabor said he submerged her face three or four times until the water was lapping around her forehead and jawline.

Tabor, 27, who had won custody of his daughter only four weeks earlier, admitted choosing the punishment because the girl was terrified of water.[/quote]
Enhanced Education Technique, parlayed with No Child Left Dry. . . K-D-S.

Military Dad accused of Waterboarding 4-year old Daughter

Despite the Republican lipservice to supporting all sorts of things, it turns out that they’re ineffective or hypocritical about each of them.

“family values”? Don’t make me laugh. Between their leadership’s multiple marriages, constant affairs, airport bathroom hijinks, child-abuse and attempts to nail underage Congressional pages, the GOP apparently thinks “anything goes.” In their minds, torture at Abu Ghraib was just a “frat-boy prank”.

“the troops”? Only after years of struggle was Gates able to overcome the chronic efforts of the Bush team to under-equip our serving troops. Rummy and Bush were happy to stick our troops into mine-laden combat environments in unarmored humvees with cloth tops – they were so set in their ways that they didn’t place orders for up-armored humvees until they were caught out blowing off the manufacturer, who had upped his production capacity in response to the apparent-to-anybody-with-a-lick-of-sense urgent need. The MRAP is now getting to our troops, but by any measure in looking at our past wars and efforts to produce equipment, the Republican complete failure to our troops is an utter disgrace.

What seems to have happened is that the Republicans have perversely taken their “hatred of big government” and turned that into a “hatred of the American government”, which they’ve sadly further turned into a bizarre hatred of the American people. I don’t like it – frankly, the U.S. would be a much stronger place if there were two viable parties working for the national good.

Funny. The message I got from that story is that Americans are basically psychos. But then, we all knew that already. :laughing:

Nonsense, Psychosis requires effort. We are all just too fat.

Yep, but the military take on physical fitness is much different.

Yes sandman there’s a good reason to believe policies and strategic directives (aka war, violence, death, prisoner interrogations, brainwashing) create imbalanced realities, abusively forceful tendencies, and a drastic insensitivity to violence. Not everybody goes through it, but we (American friends, relatives, etc) will all be effected one way or another, sooner or later. In the eight and six terror years of war policy, many already have suffered so much because.

Decades. K-D-S.