Bushman's Blogtoberfest - Oct. 25

More info: thenhbushman.com/2008/09/27/ … toberfest/

“If you’re an English blogger, please mark your calendar for October 25th, and join us in Hukou for the biggest blogger event in Taiwan: Bushman’s Blogtoberfest!”

[quote]Bushman’s Blogtoberfest, 2008

Sat Oct 25, 2008
(Timezone: Taipei)
Hukou, Taiwan (map)

The biggest blogger event ever! Every English blogger is invited to attend.

Send this to every English blogger you know, even if you think they might already know about this. Respond as soon as you can to let us know if you will be attending.

This is what we did last year: thenhbushman.com/2007/10/22/ … old-story/ This year’s event is on the same weekend as last year’s.

This year we have our own restaurant to ourselves, down the street from the famous Shao-hui’s. It’s a lesser known place but the food is excellent, as many of you already know.

There will be a PA system on hand for announcements and any presentations that people would like to give to the blogging community. There will be karaoke, some live performances, and all you can eat and drink of a variety of Thai food and beverages. The price will be approximately NT$500 per person. This includes alcoholic beverages.

If you have a presentation that you’d like to give to the English blogging community, now is your chance. Please inform us of what you’d like to present and the length so we can schedule it into the program.

The actual location for this event is: Blogtoberfest @ 24.867078,121.02545 Plug this into Google Maps and you can get directions. This place is on the same road as Shao-hui’s in Hukou. Many people have been there. There will be a sign out front so you can’t miss it. You may use the comment space in this calender to hook up rides and talk about the event.

I will be setup at the venue and ready to receive guest at 15:00. The event will end when the party breaks up.

Space is limited so the most important factor is letting us know that you’ll be attending.

I am looking forward to meeting many of you for the first time, and seeing old friends again.[/quote]
Everyone is welcomed, blogger or not. If you did not get an invitation to this event, please leave a comment here and an invitation will be sent immediately!

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