Business activities foreigners prohibited to do

Have seen numerous allusions to some business activities being prohibited for ‘foreigners’ in many threads. Did not ask there because did not want to derail threads, and some are pretty old as well.

Thought we could perhaps compile a list of those restricted business activities, detailing:

  1. Business activity
  2. Relevant law

Relevance: saves us time when we wish to pursue a business initiative.

Cattle (not sure why its separate from farming)

Note: If you are on JFRV and your family.members are registered for such things, you can as well as a foreigner sometimes.

those have been the laws that have given my life a certain type of hell.

probably others in regards to national security. or I would hope so.

Taiwan has this habit of essentially being intentionally grey on certain things. So they like to to eludeto you can inquire and see if they give you permission. which is a sketchy way to go about legal frameworks, but I digress.


There are probably restrictions based on being a PRC national as well.

Yes, aka foreigners :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I meant different types of foreigners have different types of restrictions :slight_smile:

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Indeed, they do. Enter “reciprocal” laws that they conveniently dont apply at will :slight_smile: those laws make every nation different. But the ones I mentioned above are for foreigners in general. meaning you need an ID. Not sure how they would work for foreigners from China, as the government still panders to them sometimes.

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