Business address for rent?

I’m trying to register a business, which I’ll run out of my home. But I still need to register the business elsewhere.

Anyone have an address, or know somebody that has an address suitable for registering a business?? Preferably in Taipei, but not essential.

The cheapest I can find is $4100/month, which seems like quite a lot just for an address. Thanks.

perhaps it would be better to place this in the appropriate forum!

BTW, what is your line of business?


Hobart gave me this link…maybe helps?

Unfortunately Enspyre does not have this service. See this thread here. [url]Adresses For Business Registration

Hi Inspire, my name is Elias Ek and I work for beforementioned Enspyre. While we do not offer the business registration address ourselves we do partner with a company that I believe would be cheaper than the price you quoted. Give me a call or drop by and I can give you their contact info and perhaps some other usable info that might make your starting up phase a bit easier.

Take care,

6F-1 No. 171 Nan-jing East Road Sec. 4
Taipei, Taiwan
Phone: +886-(0)2-8712-1721
Fax: +886-(0)2-8712-1704