"Business and You" seminar

Has anybody participated in the “Business and You” (I think that’s the name) seminar. Is it still being offered around Asia. I am doing some research on cults around Asia and was looking for some information. I would appreciate any information anyone has. I would be especially greatful if anyone could give me a website. Thanks.

I dunno about that one, but there’s this weird cult/personal workshop seminar developed in the US called,
“LEGACY”. One of my friends has been trying to get me involved in, but I don’t have the $60,000+ to spend on that kind of thing.
besides, I reckon I’m well sorted, and don’t need someone to help draw out my problems.
This friend has managed to introduce a large portion of her colleagues to this course, and has herself become a counselor, devoting her free time to volunteer to ‘help’ others.
It’s all very weird, if you ask me…
there completely hung up on it, and swear it’s changed their lives and thinking.

That’s got to be the same thing I am talking about under a different name. From what I know about the business and you seminar, it was fairly expensive, you weren’t supposed to talk about it and it involved a lot of classic cult techniques and drew in its participants hook, line and sinker. They would say that it totally changed their lives (even though it obviously didn’t). I talked to a lot of otherwise perfectly reasonable people who swore by it. I would like to find out more detailed information about it because I have serious suspicions about which organization its connected to. Again any help would be appreciated.

If you don’t mind leaving a contact here, I’ll put you in touch with someone, who’d LOVE to talk about it, especially if you feign interest in joining. That’s not unethical in your research is it? But I don’t think she’d like to think she was being made a fool of, she’s got plenty of brains and influence. Would help if you spoke Mandarin. Seems she’s got about a dozen colleagues doing it since her first adventure, and her husband has joined as well.
But it’s not a business related thing AT ALL. It’s some kind of psycho group therapy complete with crying and the divulging of personal issues which have been nagging for years. From what I’ve witnessed, it doesn’t make them better people, just bolder and more inward thinking. weird.
I wonder what they do, wish I had the money to check it out. Noone’s been able to hypnotise me before.

Right now I am a little busy and there is no way I am shelling out a lot of money for something like this(I’m not writing a book or anything). I am trying to figure out how to go through the process somehow. I think it would be interesting and give me a better understanding of the techniques used. Based on my experience with these people, I guarantee if you ask your friend what they did at the seminar, she won’t tell you any details. Thanks for the offer, BTW. The reason, I am curious about this whole thing is that I think cults are becoming much more savy about using the same old techniques, but dressing them up as self-help, interpersonal or business techniques and no one seems to be questioning this practice. I think a little light should be shed on these insidious memes.