Business Banking

Does anyone have a suggestion for the best bank in Taiwan for small businesses?

I don’t do millions, so I’m looking for the lowest fees.

Right now, my bank charges NT200 for every foreign check I deposit, which is starting to add up. This is the main type of charges I’m looking to avoid-and I don’t want a monthly fee to make my eyes pop. HSBC charges HK380 for the privilege of having an account with them :astonished:

I don’t get cheques, so I don’t know, but Cathay has been ok, apart from the usual kind of crap you get with banks here. They do of course help themselves to some of the cash whenever I get paid from abroad, but I guess most of that is because they have their own exchange rate rather than anything else. The big loss tends to be the transfer fees that foreign banks and transfer services charge and not all my clients pay for that.

Cathay wouldn’t take me on as a customer until I told them I had money coming in from abroad, which seems a bit odd, but I guess they want to make something out of it all. It also seems to matter which branch you go to, as they won’t always let you open an account where you want it to be.

Actually, I had checked them out. Their fees for checks are even higher…NT300 per check. People have told me their fees are among the highest for businesses, but good customer service. I would rather get treated like shit than pay their fees though :laughing:

Well, let us know what you find out and I might move to the same bank :smiley: