Business Card Printers?

Just wondering if anyone knows a place to get 200-500 name cards/business cards printed up? Preferably in Danshuei…thanks!


I think any small printing company will do that.
I just had similar qty printed with no questions asked - Hsindien though. Maybe things are bigger and more difficult in Tamshui?

All you need to do is walk around and find a shop that sells Chinese chops (the personalized red ‘stamp’ things). They usually make business cards. From expereince, I can tell you these shops are pretty much on every other street, although not being overly familiar with Danshui, I can’t tell you any specific locations. Maybe someone else can.

Always ask for a sample card or screen viewing before they print a load off. English mistakes can be common and seeing as you will have been asked to pay up front - you will probably not get your money back.

Contact Steven email: 02-2221-2863, he speaks English and provides good service, I think it’s $440 for 2 boxes of cards not sure how many in a box though - at least 200, probably more total…

Hello Carlos

You can contact me, my name is Ivonne. I am a graphic designer so I know a lot of print shop.
My email: or 0987066907 , I speaks English and provides good service, The price is depend on what kind of paper you want and so on.
but for a full color business card. It’s $150 for a box. Hope can hear from you :slight_smile:

Thanks Ivonne. I’ll give you a call when my wife wants to get her card re-printed.