Business Chinese Classes

I want to brush up my business chinese skills. In case I need it. I speak pretty well about normal topics in Chinese. But don’t know Business lingos and such. I can read a little bit can’t write much besides basic sentences. Are there classes like this in Taipei?

I’m sure most of the language schools would do this, but generally unless you’re lucky or at a very large center, it’s hard to get a group class at your specific level and topic if you’re more advanced. So you may be looking at a 1-on-1 situation.

It might be more cost-effective to simply find a university student with reasonable English, maybe majoring in Business or something, and have them do a class for you. There are plenty of business textbooks out there for Chinese – not sure how many specifically Traditional character though. If I were you (if you can’t find a textbook you like) I’d start from Chinese and English Wikipedia, read short articles on specific topics (Finance, Personnel, Stocks, whatever), make yourself a bilingual vocabulary list, check it with the tutor and then talk about the topics with the tutor.

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Oh and if reading is a challenge, try voice-to-text with the Wikipedia content. Pleco will read to you and the voices aren’t too bad.

True, it’s probably be cheaper. And perhaps they want to work on business English and we help each other out.