Business Class Lounge in Taichung

Does anyone know a decent business class lounge in Taichung? Something not too loud and that caters to either local or traveling foreign business people? Decent food and drinks are a plus.

Are you referring to airport lounges? Simples: say you are on CI, you use the CI lounge provided you have status or a ticket in business or first.
If you are not referring to airport lounges, what do you mean by “business class lounge”?

Sorry for the confusion. I meant a bar, but someplace that focuses more on foreign or expat business people, not so much the local, trendy, hip, sports-themed, partying kind of places. Some place a little more classy (ie. boring). And not Taiwanese business people either. Picky, aren’t I?

Smooths (jingcheng road) would probably fit the bill. Otherwise, the Splendor Hotel(chien Hsing road) has a nice Bar upstairs.

How about the bar on the roof of the Millennium Vee Hotel then? It’s open air but has some comfortable seating areas similar to W Hotel’s Woo Bar in Taipei. Obviously it’s not the W, but still a decent place. Drinks for around 200-400 NT, large selection of whisky and other spirits, imported German beers for around 300 NT/500c.

I struggled to find one aswell, will keep the Vee in mind, good suggestion.