Business Development Manager for Multi-National in Taipei


Our client is a well-established Multi-National Computer hardware Manufacturer.They are seeking a Business Development Manager for their office in Taipei.They should be fluent in written and spoken English(some Chinese ability would be advantageous but not essential).

Work closely with senior management to develop and implement strategies for Asia Pacific,China and US markets.

Develop solutions for sustainable profit growth within the Company.

Oversee Marketing and Sales departments to ensure maximum efficiency.

Negotiate with overseas clients to build and maintain new business relationships.

Bachelor degree(or above) in business or related field
At least 3-5 years experience in International business environment
Excellent communication skills
Ability to build customer and In-Company relationships
Excellent computer skills
Willing to travel frequently to China and the US

Note:Due to the number of enquiries regarding our positions only short listed candidates will be contacted.

This position is provided by Globalclients.

Here is detailed information about our organization and the services we provide.

Globalclients are a unique organization who connect businesses and professionals worldwide in order to facilitate Global business activities.Based in Taiwan since 2000,we use our strategic location in the Asia Pacific region to connect and enable our Global business partners.

Developing and nourishing corporate relationships with our clients worldwide has made Globalclients a stand-alone business facilitator which has caught the attention of many multi-national companies in their efforts to reach new markets.

As well as our clients in Asia Pacific,we have business partners in the United States,European Union(EU)and Latin America.Our list of business partners is growing rapidly due to the need for companies to enter the Global Marketplace.

Our web-site is currently being re-constructed to accommodate our business interests worldwide and wont be available for viewing until March 2005.

Companies and professionals with a Global vision and a single minded desire to succeed join Globalclients as members of our Premium Client Program.

Here are some of the benefits for companies and professionals who join our Premium Client Program.

How can Globalclients benefit Companies?

  1. Access to Markets outside your home market and the opportunity to sell your products and services to overseas clients.

  2. Build valuable relationships with overseas companies who can become your lifelong customers.

  3. Use Globalclient’s Marketing experts to develop your company’s strategy for being successful in overseas markets.

  4. Globalclients actively promote your business,products and services to our existing membership worldwide,thus giving your company valuable exposure to customers which were previously un-reachable.

How can Globalclients benefit the Professional?

  1. Access to high-level Corporate positions through our existing business partners.

  2. Opportunity to work with companies worldwide.

  3. Increase your salary from Globalclient’s endorsement of you as a seasoned professional.

  4. More freedom to choose your future career path and enhance your status as a professional.

Please note: Globalclients only cater to highly ambitious companies and professionals who wish to advance their business and career through high level corporate contacts.We do not accept all applications and only reply to those applicants who meet with our criteria.

For more details about our Programs and how to apply send an email with your request to

Phone/Fax: (+886)2-23673500

Cell Phone: (+886)927-519293

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If anyone has any negative or positive experiences to share about this organization I’d like to hear them. I’m assuming the poster of this thread is some how related to the poster of the previous threads we had from globalclients.

When I asked for people’s experience dealing with the previous poster the feedback was unfavorable.

By rights this posting should be in the jobs section, where Mr Global has already attracted MK’s attention. I have chosen to leave it here for the time being to invite comment from the forumosa community. (Replies cannot be posted in the job ads forum.)

I may move it later as it’s not really a business discussion - except that it’s posted by a business offering a service, with the claim that it will be financially rewarding to use that service.

Here’s my question: Is this job offered to all applicants without any requirement to pay any money to anyone?

Yeah right :unamused:

That and the piss-poor English put it on the same level as those cheesy MLM ads.