Business English

Got a call from my boss here at a private university near Tainan, saying they’d been approached by a company (un-named) at the local Science Park asking for a foreign Business English instructor for an evening class, and was I interested?

We agreed that she’d forward them my contact details.

Never done Bizniz English so I suppose it’d make a change, but I am pretty lazy, and I’m afraid I might have to dress up in a suit.

How much does one charge for that sort of thing?

I’d say anything between 800 and 2000 NT$.
I had students paying 1000 and 1200 NT$ before.
It also depends on how often you’ll be confronted with cancellation.
If you are teaching the boss of that company, you might end up having every second class cancelled for one or the other reason.
Therefore, it’s completely ok to ask for much more money.

But most of the time, they want you to give them a real bill which they can deduct from their own taxes.

Thanks. I’ll go for a grand then, IF I ever hear any more about it.

Not keen enough to chase it up since my transport might not last much longer and the Science Park is the other side of Tainan.