Business/Financial Forum - Forumosa's Next Forum

Ill be totally in. Sounds like a good idea to me, a restricted business forum…

Actually, this will be Forumosa’s next forum. There are plenty of threads that would qualify to be moved over to a Business Forum, that’s for certain. Ideally, I see the thread as being a business/financial concerns type of thread, covering everything from starting a company to Taiwan, to where to buy gold, to creating a retirement plan, to buying real estate. But it won’t be private. That goes against the spirit of what we’re all about, IMO. It can be as tightly moderated as the moderator wishes it to be, but it needs to be an available resource for everybody. I feel pretty strongly about that. [color=red]SB, and any others out there who might be interested in moderating this forum: If you have a posting history on Forumosa, and/or expertise in the business/financial world, please PM me.[/color] We can probably get this up and running pretty quickly.

I’m in. I have my own engineering and manufacturing business here in Taiwan with growing staff. I have several patents and am heavily involved in new product development with many projects in varied stages of development from nascent to in-production.

I’d be interested in bouncing entrepreneurial ideas off like-minded colleagues and getting and giving business advice.

Look here:[/quote]

Where, where, where, count me in!

The idea of a business forum is a good idea, and the general policy here is that all forums are open, however, when it comes to sharing the inner bits and pieces of my ideas, then I would always exercise care. I would happily put a business plan here, but some parts might be removed - I only share those with people I know very well anyway, and I would recommend others to do the same.

On the other hand, a forum where we can exchange ideas, pop questions, etc would be a great idea and a very good resource for all likeminded people.

A public forum for general discussions. You want to discuss something in a little more detail you start a members-only newsgroup. We keep a directory of projects in a sticky at the top of the forum. You want in to a newsgroup you ask the person who created it.

Easy enough?

I agree, that’s the best solution.

I have lots of times, where I either give advice or feel the need to receive it - that could be done in public.

When discussing projects in finer detail, then I would not like that to take place in a public forum.

The idea of a business forum is good.

Add a dash of Taiwan or American stock discussions too!

Well I PM’d yesterday.

(My woman says to give you some time, it’s Sunday. Whassamatter? Don’t people work on a sunday around here?)

exchanging stock tips could be fun, and I would like to see if I could get MT in on that too :smiling_imp:

We could meet in the pub, and he could bring his avatar. Please, MT!