Business for sale in Taitung

Greetings. I read that many people would like to live in Taitung County but there are not many jobs. It is wonderful here. Well… a friend of mine owns a restaurant a few miles up the road fro Taitung on Highway11. Has won some awareds and good reviews in travel magazines. Beach is down the road. Roof needs tidying up but has ocean and mountain views. She runs it alone but during busy hours/days (weekends and holidays) she gets another person to help. She would like to retire and move back north. She will sell the entire business incl fridges, ovens, tables and crockery for approx 12000 USD, The business earns less than 80000 TWD per month, so that she does not have to pay taxes. The running costs are 20000 TWD monthly rent, electricity and supplies. She works hard but lives a free happy life. I know some foreighers would love to take over as a good opportunity. Will suit a couple, one should speak mandarin. Get in touch if interested. I will require some form of ID and proof that you have funds if you are interested to learn more, then i ll hand you over to her so that you can transact directly, I am a multilingual EU/UK PhD holder looking for work as teacher/researcher working from home, if someone has pointers to gigs, also welcome!

Does she have the approval of the landlord? Because people can buy the ‘business’, but if the landlord doesn’t agree, it it doesn’t mean a thing.

Thank you. Yes she does. Prospects would be able to meet the owners of the premises and satisify themselves with the conditions of course

This is interesting. What’s yer field?



Dear Hygge
id and proof of funding are required to ensure legitimacy of intent, A legitimate inquiry cannot be anonymous and should be qualified. It takes time and effort to vet prospects, this will cut down the work to filter out time wasters. Imagine if I receive ten enquiries and nine of out ten are only curious to learn more.
This is a serious much sought after opportunity which I am happy to share with qualified interested people.
Would you like perhaps to suggest how can I avoid wasting time responding to inquiries of people who may not have serious intentions nor means to actually proceed?

A business information package of already publicly available information and expected projections (backed up with some evidence).

If you’re representing the business you have to spend the time.

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Thank you
I am not really representing this business, but sharing this opportunity I have come across.
I promised a person who was helpful to me in finding my house and (who offered the business to me) to put the word out as I know that her shop would be appealing to many foreigners who d like to move south and cannot find suitable secure income. I simply will not put my friend in trouble
with anonymous prospects who could only be curious. prospect buyers will have to do due diligence


Honestly may I ask what is your commission on this transaction?

we agreed in conversation that if I find a buyer she would give me a standard agency fee, but do not have any formal agreement.
Things here are based on friendship and trust, and this is what I like. Something we have lost in the west as I can see from the reactions to the post. However, you are giving me ideas :slight_smile: If I did this on a regular basis I might consider getting a commission ( also from the potential buyer) but not as a one off.
I am only a customer (I ate there twice) and she has helped me find my property by making a phone call to one of her friends. She mentioned she wants to sell So I thought I should reach out to the expats with her offer. I will of course also identify myself to anyone seriously interested.

Actually, I realised that I signed up with my real name, so I am already identified -

I can’t imagine anyone sending you (a random person on Internet) their ID and proof of funding, without even knowing exactly where and what this business is. If you really want to filter out time wasters you should list all details of the business. Why don’t you just put the name of the business out here? Maybe their Facebook or Google listing?

Because then anyone can say they found the information on the internet and will not tell the seller that they received this info via my effort - hence, someone else may get the commission that my friend is offering me to find a buyer. Hopes it makes sense? I am starting to regret this :slight_smile:

Maybe it’ll be easier to sell and more convenient for your friend to advertise her business on top of what you’re posting here?

of course! I dont think she is advertising much but advertising through word of mouth. locals all have businesses already and not much cash to invest, fifteen grands are a small investment for the average westerner, but a large investment for the average person in south taiwan. folks in this are are farmers, with limited education etc. I am telling the expat community, let me know if theres any other board I can post to. thanks

Images would help too. More clarity about the financial part.

I will put interested people (not anonymous) in touch with the business owner so that they can get the pics and other info thet require directly from her.
Because her income is below the vat treshold (as i understand it) she does not have to audit her accounts, and revenue figures she gave are ballpark, She is a chef and not an accountant nor much of a business person either. If I have to figure our her true revenues for the purpose of taking over the business, I would sit in her restaurant at regular hours for a few days to see what kind of traffic the place gets. that would be your best bet. also she may not keep exact records of her earnings (i dont remember gettin a receipt from her but may be wrong) she might have a better idea of her outgoings. The place has been up and running successfully for several years, but the hours have been a bit erratic. Like most businesses here, they open when they need business and when they have enough income they close early or dont open at all. You should visit this region if you havent yet is very laid back place.
Most businesses are very low key, most people are very nice and happy.