Business Idea

Suggest me some business idea!!! You can share about your experience…

These days most business ideas that really make money are illegal.


That’s bitter truth…

I’ve got a few business ideas brewing up in my gourd. What is your area of expertise? Anyone reading this feel free to answer.

A business idea suggesting service.



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If you have $$$ but lack the business idea, consider to go for franchising instead, as business model already formed up.

Or become an angel investor. Lots of good business around looking for capital injection.

Never fails as a strategy.

Open a bank I hear they make money

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Or better yet, a printing press.

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One of my most ambitious business ideas is to start a reality TV show about foreigners living in Taiwan.


As if the drama on the Flob isn’t entertaining enough…


Be aware that many franchises only make money for the franchisor.

If I wanted to make money I’d open a mint

Good breath is a good start.

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I think theres a whole bunch of these on Youtube maybe you can hire one

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That is a fine idea. Someone with experience in Editing and Camera work would be just what I need to start my new show. They would need to be ambitious though: I am not aiming for a show on Youtube. My goal is to approach the Discovery Channel or the like to produce a show about the life of an English Teacher in Taiwan.

Wow. Never heard that one before.

Not since lunch, anyway.