Business Idea

The VR places make a fair bit of money I heard.

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Buy a Puppy Dog or Cat Kitten, spend 24 hours a day training and filming you will make a fortune on youtube.
Then open a pet supplies sponsered by you puppy - kitten and make even more money.

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Two words man.
Fried chicken.

Watch the $$$ roll in :sunglasses:

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Another idea: keto restaurant/cafe.

It’s not the first but there’s only a couple in Taiwan that I’ve seen.

Unless that food trend dies.

Two ideas I haven’t pursued

  • sales training for customer service staff
  • LinkedIn profile management

Another one I heard recently

  • VIP fitness and biomarker testing for those executives who are crazy into exercise and biking

When in doubt, fried chicken and pearl milk tea. :wink:


Whatever you do, reconsider if you’re planning to open a half-assed Tex-Mex place. Those places make me cry because I want them to succeed and know they won’t.

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Oh I have another VERY good one that involves doing reviews of stuff in the Chinese language .
Hesitating to say more on this cos it’s actually a really straightforward simple one that could be a winner and I know where the income will come from. It’s got worldwide business potential.
Anybody into internet entrepreneurship contact me :grin: I don’t feel like managing the website/app development so much but I could manage other parts.


There aren’t enough of them yet! :thinking:

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Yea, let’s call it Umbrella Corporation. It will be great.

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They will make 8 pane umbrellas, with red and white alternating cloth. This will be their corporate logo…

Birthday cakes for pets.

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Open up a Taiwanese hipster version/upscale version of your country’s junk food.

Sell it at 3x the amount.


Plenty of hipster burger places here.

I would get shut down fast doing that, plus it kind of goes against my beliefs.

I have heard of hipster poutine though. :idunno:

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The problem with starting any type of review site is a bit of a Catch 22, you start off with zero content, and the main thing drawing visitors to write reviews is … well … content, knowing that they will have a viewership.

You got something against making fools part with their money?

Paid reviews…That’s me plan. Also the reviews would not be on my own site. My site or IT system is to manage the reviewers and introduce the service to clients.
Basically you take in X from the reviewee to pay Y to reviewers. You hope to get a good margin in between to cover the cost of the whole operation.

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Not so much, but making them part with their flesh, that’s too retro for me.

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