Business Registration service in Taipei

I’m looking at the options for registering a FIA approved company…I work from home but need a commercially zoned address to register the business. The ones I have looked at so far are kind of expensive. Don’t need the desk, phone, office space or any of that…just the address.

If anyone knows of a reputable service or can assist I would be hugely grateful.


Taipei 101 has a virtual office service.

An accountant should be able to do this for you. It’s usually about NT$3000 per month but you can probably get a break on the cost of doing your books along with it. In many other countries, these kinds of company secretarial services are much cheaper, but here the accountant is taking on some risk of tax liability and the inconvenience of hosting your business if it runs into problems with creditors etc. Hence the expense.

There’s a guy that tends to post here that rents out virtual office space, I think it’s the same pricing though, around NT$3000 and upwards a month depending on your needs. He had an ad up here before. I’m sure he’ll reply in due time.
You can check out the website here

I’m interested in the definition of “commercially zoned address” - I assume that as narrow as the specific building right as opposed to a certain commercial district?