Business visit (special entry permit)

Hi all - new to the forum! I’m planning to go to Taiwan for a business visit - has anyone had any experience with the process to get a special entry permit through this way? Is is just a simple business invitation letter and you’re good to go, or does it require lots of proofs, company registration certificate etc?


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A letter is good enough. You’ll take the letter to your closest TECO and apply for a special entry permit (basically a visa). You’ll also need to take a Covid test within 72 hours of your flight.

If you have a passport with visa free, you can just bring the business invitation etc with you, plus the covid test, dont need a visa.

Thanks all, seems pretty simple! Although bringing just a letter (and covid test) to airport check-in sounds a bit risky…any idea how they would verify the business details (or do they even)?

Unfortunately that’s not how it works at the moment. You won’t be allowed to board without the special entry permit.