Businesses secretly withholding your 統一發票 (the foreigner tax)

There is. But if you’re a business owner, realistically, only three to five out of every thousand fapiaos issued win. Fapiaos are sequential. And now you have to split meagre winnings with a friend.

If this is such a store where it’s easy to spend $12000 in all in one go… The taxes are going to be more fruitful hands down.

They could be, but the battery store example that I cited is a store that has after repeated sales, offer me lower prices. If I need to get it for a company, I pay the tax because the company will get the tax off when they write it into their expense reports next odd month. In this case, July.

It’s not worth getting worked up over for $600. If they’re willing to play fast and loose with the tax rules, they’re often willing to negotiate and haggle. I prefer not burning bridges.

Okay, that settles it. If even foreigner rights champion @Marco suggests letting go, then it can be considered a very safe assumption that it’s not specifically unfair towards foreigners :grandpa:

Still really weird to get no fapiao at such a kind of store with such a purchase. They have lots to lose in case of being caught I would think?

And also wondering (but just kidding) if it’s actually OK to discuss such illegal practices on Forumosa, even though many shops do it. Same as landlords not paying tax. Taiwan would have so high tax earnings despite the low rates, if people actually paid it…


Discussing is fine. Advocacy for is not.

It’s widely known and understood a lot of stores are doing it. It’s Taiwan’s open secret. You’re not doing anything illegal by purchasing something without a Fapiao.

This isn’t some conspiracy targeting foreigners to steal lottery meagre lottery winnings. This isn’t even discrimination. In fact, by not giving the fapiao, they’re probably treating the OP like other Taiwanese.


@discobot fortune

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:crystal_ball: It is certain



Don’t let them push you around anymore, or before you know it the heavens will drop a giant weight on you!

Edit: Sorry, the youtube video cuts off early in the onebox version. Here are some screenshots to get the point across.

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It took what seemed like a long time and felt like I was signing a forced confession.

I’m a little confused here with these stories. If you’re sent to buy something by your boss and you give him the receipt for reimbursement, he deserves the winnings if any, doesn’t he?
If you don’t get reimbursed you should keep the receipts.

But usually, when you’re sent to buy something for your boss, he will give you his tax ID number.
That number excludes the business owner from participating in the lottery and allows him to claim a deduction for a sales taxes.

Our home had a business on the lower floor. Because of this we had two power and phone accounts one for the business and one for the home.

Somehow we won a substantial prize from the tax office. I’m not sure it was the phone company or it was the power company.
My wife accepted it and the prize was delivered into our post office account.

I got a phone call that I need to go to the Post office. What happened was the prize was awarded from the customer account with a tax ID number on it, the business account.
They were reviewing the records and I guess they decided the money was given to us in error and we were not entitled to it.
Three people had to attend to this incident. Of course I could do nothing but sign the papers and see the money disappear. Could I have refused? I don’t think so.

I always say yes!

Exceptions, you may be asked not to take a receipt in exchange for a discount for things like a custom built computer or other craft services.
Instead they’ll give you a handwritten or printed invoice without the prices for your personal proof.
I’m not saying I did that or you should do it I’m just saying sometimes it happens.

And screw your over with warranty protection. Just always insist on a receipt. Period. I don’t care what their problems are - stick to what they’re required by law.

Invoice is fine for warranties.

This has also been my experience. When buying things on Shopee for instance you won’t receive an official invoice and a copy of the order confirmation email has always been fine for warranty purposes.

If you were not given the receipt, you should ask for it. Next time, you can secretly record the whole thing and report it to the tax authorities.
Personally, I just wouldn’t buy from this store anymore.

You are responding to a June 2021 post. :rofl: