Busking in Taipei

So… how’s the busking in Taipei? It seems there are more streetside pity artists than entertainers in these parts, but I’ve seen a saxophonist here and there. Has anyone here given busking in this city a shot? Good locations? Legal problems? Street Hassle? Good enough contributions to at least get by?


15 years ago busking was great, lucrative, and a common sight in underground walkways. But in the intervening years the cops have become hostile to buskers, so it seems. There are some places, like Fisherman’s Wharf in Danshui, where you can see street artists. There’s one foreign nutcase who wears a moose hat in Ximending with meowing cat puppets.

It;s too bad. Busking is a great tradition.

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FYI, there is a thread on this topic in “Living in Taiwan” with additional info…

[forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopic.ph … ht=Busking](Busking...legal or illegal?

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