Busted by blue for green


In a coffee shop in Amsterdam!


Hello Forumosans, a happy update.
i recently finished my 2 year probation. after reporting once per month at the prosecutors office for a few months, and never requiring a piss test??? , they allowed me to meet a rep anywhere i chose (main station) for the remainder.
i also fulfilled my community service obligation , and the prosecutors office kept its word. i just retrieved my CLEAN criminal record check and applying for my APRC this week. BIG shout out to TPD , prosecutors office, and the judge for recognizing a stand up guy and treating him accordingly.


The cops are probably still laughing about getting 42 hours of free English lessons after busting you for possession of oregano. They’re probably already working on their next case.


Congrats and thanks for the update! Did you ever meet the ex again or have any message from/to her?


did u quit the weed after that?


I feel like although taiwan still has some improvements that need to made in the legal system like getting rid of capital punishment and better education and rehab for drugs and alcohol addiction treatment. It seems like the legal system is not as quick to condem someone to jail time unless they have to.


first, snitch bitch hasn’t crawled out from her rock in 2 years. community service was working with a cool south african guy in his woodshop making DIY gadgets for his church’s school children. however, he was a Born Again and wanted to convert me LOL
.actually we talked a lotta rugby and south africa and i often worked alone in the shop as I’m a hopeless conversion candidate so he just buggered off :grin:


I’d be looking for the bitch who sold me “grass” that doesn’t even register on a piss test.


As bad as the whole experience was, and I’m sure it was 100 times worse for you than we can even imagine from reading the posts, it certainly sounds like the judicial system went out of it’s way to make it as pleasant as possible. Not sure if that is due to being contrite and co-operative or you just met the right people. The community service certainly seems like something they put a little thought into. Perhaps it’s always the case and we just don’t here about the cases first hand. Did the south African guy let you know how he was approached to take you on?


hahaha the green was real, never said it was from her, pay attention


apparently there’s an association between that church and TPD, and the Safr is a very active congregant, to say the least hahaha.


So the prevailing theories as to why your piss tested negative for thc and the draconian legal system let you off with a slap on the wrist for possessing 9 grams of marijuana are:

  1. The drug lab faked your exam results.
  2. It was your lucky day.

I’m sorry but those theories need some work. After all, this is Taiwan where they still give the death penalty for major drug possession. My theory is that someone sold you some fake weed and because the only evidence the legal system had on then was your signed confession all they could get out of it was some community service. I only make a point of this because anyone else thinking of testing the waters with some real weed that would test positive in a urine sample might want to think twice before going there.

Over and out.


Sounds like our OP hero knows the difference between parsley and pot. Doubtful he was sold fake shit.

Also, the death penalty, AFAIR, is for smuggling. The prosecutors of Matty’s case pushed for the death penalty because he had said that, or they thought that, the contraband came into the country in books. It was the Coast Guard that came into his place that fateful night, not the TPD.

The prosecution, btw, didn’t get their wish and Matty was released 10 years into a 15 year bit.

Remember how our long lost member got only 4 years for 400+ plants?

Also, why is everyone thinking 9 grams is a lot? It’s just over a 1/4 ounce. Some folks I know burn through that in a weekend. Our OP Hero was a teatotaller by comparison.




Here’s a “c” for you.


Guess how long I spent searching to find out what “c” meant in you kids’ newfangled Inskranet slang…


Yeah, man. I popped a couple "c"s last night and I was flying like a kite.


I’m still getting over finding out what a Boston Steamer is…


oh and one more final word from me. because i saved my receipt, i got my 10k bail back, too, with %interest, LOL. i’m assuming that’s what the handful of change she also handed over was. i didnt understand what she said and didnt care, just smiled and did my best PIMP STRUT OUTTA THERE :slight_smile: joking


From wiki death penalty can be applied for;
Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act [5]
Manufacturing, transporting or selling Category One narcotics (Heroin, Morphine, Opium, Cocaine and their derivative products) [6]
Compelling others to use Category One narcotics by means of violence, coercion, deception or other illegal methods
Civil servant manufacturing, transporting or selling Category Two narcotics (Opium poppy, Coca, Cannabis, Amphetamines, Pethidine, Pentazocine, and their derivative products)[7]

Think the last execution for a drug related offence was more than 10 years ago for a fisherman who smuggled a few hundred kilos of heroin.

Who is Matty?