Busted for riding a "medium" bike. Got pink slip. What's my fate.


That looks good for you. Bring your car license, play dumb and say of I didn’t realise that 150cc wasn’t allowed. Got confused cause you can’t speak Chinese well so 50cc you made a mistake. They will likely give you the smaller fine.


250-550 cc


Just use this license plate next time



I’m driving either a 150CC or a 100. Nor more than that.


Ohh, so just a “light” motorcycle or white plate. Your “medium” made it seem like you were referring to a yellow plate since a “heavy” bike is a red plate.


I was assuming you had a car license. If not, it may be Article 21. Sorry for the confusion.

Edit: if you have a light motorbike license (under 50cc with green plate) and operated a general heavy motorcycle (50~250cc with a white plate), Item 6 of Article 22 may be applied.


I have a car and I have or had a 50CC license. Didn’t they close down that license recently? My wife maintains my license fees. I only carry my car license in my wallet.
When she comes home, I’ll get more information. Will it hurt my case if I give them a call now and just ask what I can expect, in an apologetic and confused English voice.


If you have a car license, for me, the law seems saying Item 4 of Article 22 may be applied.


I called without identifying myself. After hitting buttons randomly I got someone who was able to connect me to an english speaker in Ktown.
He quoted 1,800. He seemed to be interested in the kind of license I had (motorcycle) and not too interested in my car license. I hope my wife maintained my light license.
Regardless. He said I can just go to my local police station. Not sure where I’d get fairer treatment. In the big city that deals with foreigners or my town where I’m like the only long term one.