*BUSTED* My little school is in peril!

Stumbled across this post. Please reference some newspaper articles and whether or not those schools were run by foreign spouses.
I’ve read the paper everyday and honestly can only remember reading about the tragedies of kids being left in school vans on hot days

why is it relevant?

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There is no real Western version of "local news’ in Taiwan. Many of the injuries to children I heard about were from foreign and Taiwanese teachers after hours or before, if it were your own school.

Only the big ones or ones where people couldn’t afford or didn’t know how to or have the resources to get it taken care of…were ever reported in the papers or national news, and even if they did, many stories were buried and died. We all remained gainfully employed.

As to the foreign owned spouse thing…huh?

That was in direct response to a post that contained the info on dead kids piling up. I can’t seem to find it. It said something like I have no sympathy for foreigners opening their own school like the OP
As for relevancy. All data is useful.

Yes, there was no version of Western News. It was like classic Muck Raking News on Steroids. I was here…,
They’d stick a camera in everyone’s face. Show private and bad taste photos and I actually spent a good 3 minutes watching some dead high school girl in Kaohsiung flopping around as she was being put into an ambulance on afternoon TV news. You could not see a face or even a very clear picture but just what we saw was shocking enough.
I am skeptical because I’ve read about almost every bad thing happening in Taiwan from pyrotechnic disasters to babies being thrown into hot oil and kids being left in hot vans. If there was a big kindergarten disaster brought on by gross negligence then we would have read about it.
It really shouldn’t be hard for the OP to set up something that he wants legally. I did. I had the smallest legal cram school you can get. It took up two floors of our 4 story house and we still were able to use it as a living area. It was mainly used so I could teach my kids and their classmates in the village I lived in. Why was it not under the table? That is another story…
We just needed portable fire extinguishers, and escape wire, emergency lighting that worked great during Typhoons. The police and fire people came a few times a year and there was a fire prevention firm that serviced the equipment.

I thought “dead kids piling up” doesn’t mean many dead kids by a single accident , but accumulated numbers in the past decades.

This is what piling up means, for sure

Cars and mules are the only exceptions to that rule, I believe

do you mean the regulations to open a kindergarten should be more loose, or the OP should abide by regulations because it is not hard?

That one…
Really… The school day ends at 12 noon 4 days a week up to third grade. 1st grade is young enough. And you can immerse them in English all you want. I had my kids understanding bugs Bunny Jokes, following recipe in English and doing science experiments.
Perhaps the preschool rules should be more liberal to allow some all English instruction.
I was not in it for the money. I was kind of abused by my employer years ago and the only way a person could be left alone, unless you were one of the special uncles in the village was to have a license.
My main role is stay at home Dad.

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they, the government, now regulate previous preschools and kindergartens by the same rules, so no distinction between them (幼托整合, they had been doing it for years, and I think it is completed now.). Daycares for babies or kindergartens for toddlers. Or buxibans with no nap no meal.

Do you want to know the owner’s favorite color and whether they were allergic to seafood as well?

One kid roasting in a van is a disaster. Two or three is a pile. I never said spectacle, although I did mention that I was there right after the big KTV fire where the bodies were lined up on the road. :idunno:

Too change the subject slightly. My school is closed and my job now is to take care of the family in the evening.
Outside of tutoring I do miss the classroom experience but I’m only free to work in the day or afternoon.
Can I or can I not appear in kindergarten and daycare centers doing an act like making pancakes or arts and crafts in all English.
I did it when my children were in preschools but that I guess that was anallowed since I was the parent.
So what are the rules exactly.
Am I allowed to entertain children younger than first grade or do I have to stick my teaching to first grade and over in daycare/anchin bans.
Where can I not teach?
Permanent Resident/Open permit yada yada yada. so if my question seems weird I live in the middle of nowhere where I seldom see a foreign face

you don’t need a work permit, so you just need the same qualifications with locals to teach at daycare, anqinban or kindergarten.

Daycare: Article 3 of Regulations for Governing Qualifications and Trainings of Professional Personnel of Children and Youth Welfare Institutes

Anqinban: Articles 6–11 of the same law

Kindergarten: Articles 10 or 11 of The Statute for Preschool Educators

I think you may be able to do some performances or lectures for kids not as an employee but as an invited person without those qualifications, but I’m not very sure.

Buxiban: Supplementary Education Act
they don’t prohibit Buxiban teach something to under 6 kids.


I finally got my buxiban license this week. It’s been a tough year without the ability to advertise and attract more students. All said, it took us 9 months to renovate the location and get it inspected. Happy days :blush:


Great to hear a success story.

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Good luck!

Not a whole lot of sympathy from me, I’m afraid. An American friend of mine in Taichung opened a school a few years ago, and did everything by the book. Yes, it was a hassle, and took time and money, but he’s compliant, licensed and legal. You took a chance on getting away with things, and now it looks like karma has come knocking on your door.

We took the risk because we didn’t have the money to gamble starting our own school. We were found out but by that time our school was a proven success.

Instead of folding we found another property and made it a legitimate buxiban. I would have done it differently knowing what I know now. Still, I don’t regret my decision to start my school many years ago.


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