Butt chugging sunlight

An ancient Taoist practice that will change your life.


“The butthole absorbs creative energy from the sun”.

Says it all, really. Wow.


Construction workers have practised this secret ritual for hundreds of years…


After a week straight of wet gray crap in Taipei I’m open to just about any form of sunlight intake.

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The comments on this article are gold :joy:

There are plenty of Taoists in Singapore and yet I can confidently tell you I have never seen anyone practicing the ‘ancient Taoist practice’ or ‘sunning your butthole’ for an ‘energy surge.’
Maybe that’s coz we now have Starbucks?

the worst type of people on earth.

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I thought that getting on the roof and bathing our butts in sunlight was a standard practice, it’s what led me to buy a house in Yilan for easy roof access. Now I need to reevaluate all decisions in life that brought me here.


I picture you in that pose, attempting to get a read on potential typhoons.
Now I wish I could get that picture out of my head :anguished:

It’s actually the other way around; while i’m in that position, people try to gather information about incoming typhoons while talking to my butt.


See you guys on Saturday at On Tap!

@mad_masala You never got back to me about the free beer…

At the moment there’s not enough budget for free beer for everybody and we don’t believe in positive discrimination, so we cannot treat clowns even if they live or perform in roof tops :frowning:


Well this takes “showin’ your ass” to a whole nuther level.


Think about the sun, rising above the horizon, glazing upon us and finding people with their butts spread wide open in its direction. I’d take a day off if I were the sun.

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Cows plant their butt in the wind!

I guess we can say goodbye to the expression “where the sun never shines.”


This is just ridiculous!

Everybody knows the Downward Dog pose is much more efficient for sunlight energy intake!

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I think they might have taken “inner enlightenment” a bit too literally.


So “stick it where the sun don’t shine” has been rendered meaningless? That sucks.