Buttigieg criticizes Beto for threatening to revoke churches tax exempt status over gay marriage, saying he didn't think about the consequences

Mayor Pete knows the issues better than any other candidate. Which is one of the reasons I’m a proud supporter of his campaign.

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I think Beto is doing comprehensive damage to the Democrats. It doesn’t take Booty Judge to see that, at least from the outside.

Lots of Dems are churchgoing, after all. And lots own guns, too. Beto’s pandering is going to be inconvenient for Dems for some time to come, imo.

Agree. He seems to go hog wild on some issues.

Not to mention the first amendment issues.

Conservatives: They want to take our guns.
Democrats: Don’t worry, we don’t want to take your guns, simply keep them from bad people.
Beto: Actually…we want to take your guns.

Conservatives: They want to close down churches and have a war on religion.
Democrats: Don’t worry, nobody wants to stop you from worshipping however you want.
Beto: FIRE!


IMO this is a little closer to describing the problems Beto is handing to the Democrats.