I know this site has probably been discussed before, but I think this is a recent change.

Last year, when I was looking for a new job I signed up and tried to send my info to a few schools - it never worked and none of the schools I tried to contact ever recieved anything about me from buxiban.com.

I’ve never used it since then yesterday I got an e-mail from them saying something about welcome to our site, which I thought was a bit weird so I checked it out.

Now, you can only look at the schools names for free. Then the website tells you that you need to be a paid member (I cant find the annual fee at the minute) to continue!

What a joke! As I remember, they didn’t have addresses or phone numbers for any of the schools, they just had a link to send your info (which didn’t work) and now they want to charge you for that!

I got several responses from agents just after I posted on Buxiban.com, when my details were still at the top of the list. Then it petered out and I have heard no more from them.

They don’t have the usual “forgot password?” reminder function that most membership web sites have. I e-mailed them to ask them what to do about my forgotten password but they didn’t reply.

I hate to say it but I am getting some promising results from my recent jobsearch efforts on TEALIT.

I really have to wonder if their actual revenue is going to increase from this. I know I wouldn’t pay for that service, but I would browse and possibly click on an advertising link.

Job searching on buxiban.com is useless. I never found anything useful, and their “job openings” they advertise are not up-to-date. If you are job searching, go to tealit.com, I had wonderful success and found my current job through that site before I even left the US. the only thing that buxiban.com was ever good for was researching schools. They have a comprehensive list of almost all the schools in Taiwan, however, a lot of their entries don’t have much if any useful information about the schools.

The last itme I was there however it seemd I oculdn’t access school informaiton without becoming a member. That’s wierd, I registered a long time ago. Well, seems you now have to pay for any of theit “useful” information now, so the site is now utterly worthless. Any info you need about a school can be found here just as easily.

The buxiban site was initially set up as a resource of information about schools. To that end we have pretty much acheived our objectives, and even in the complaints above this seems to be accepted. The job listings were never a part of the original site and actually came later on due to a result of requests for this function from the users of our site and the schools listed there. I agree 100% that there are many other sites that offer more jobs than our site does and if your objective is solely to find a job regardless of whom you will work for then buxiban.com is probably not worth subscribing to.

The problem that I have found with many free job sites is that while there are some good job opportunities there, these are often few and far between. Often the sites are full of postings from schools that for some reason are almost always looking for teachers (there may just be a reason for that) or postings by agents under the name of schools. Then you get the postings from schools who don’t identify themselves in the ad and those who don’t state work hours, rates of pay etc. so you end up wasting time contacting them only to find out that they are someone you don’t want to work for anyway. Due to the system at buxiban.com you know exactly who is posting the ad, what is being offered, and what is required of you. We definitely don’t have the volume of jobs that you get elsewhere but then that is not our aim. I believe that we have better quality job offerings based solely upon the fact that only identified schools without bad employment histories can post jobs there. To post jobs regularly the schools need to be paid member. This effectively knocks out the schools that you probably would not really want to work for anyway.

Another benefit that I see is that by restricting membership access to paid members we are helping to ensure a better quality of applicant. As stated on our site we discourage individuals who don’t meet the minimum legal requirements for work here from becoming paid members of our site. This is an advantage for the schools who list on our site as it means that they have a much higher rate of suitable applicants rather than anyone with a computer and an email address.

Yes our approach is different but then that is our whole operational philosophy. Afterall, who would have thought that a school blacklist site could get sponsorship from schools? We did so by showing them the value of doing things well as far as treatment toward teachers. There are already plenty of sites out there doing things the way that some people here seem to be suggesting that we should do things. It is the difference in our site that is where the value lies.

The site was initially free for everyone - and we got complaints about the functionality of the site and it being slow etc.

So we beefed up the site and accepted sponsorship from schools and recruiters that we considered to be reputable to cover these costs while maintaining free membership for members - and we got complaints about other aspects of the site.

Now we are of the mindset that those who find the site valuable can help us out by contributing to the costs of running and maintaining the site, with the aim of making it better and more robust by filling in the gaps that we know exist. By becoming a paid site we are able to become more professional and spend more time reviewing the information available on our site. The money collected from membership does certainly not go to lining our pockets and in fact we offer the money back to people who help us build the site through the provision of payment for school reviews. I don’t know of any other foreign teacher oriented site that does that so if you want access to the site but don’t want to pay for it then submit reviews and you will get free access. If you don’t have anything to offer or don’t want to share then you will have to pay if you want to access the contributions of others. Can’t be much fairer than that.

I fully recognize that there will be people that will complain about the fact that we now request payment for access to our database of information. That is their right and there is nothing that I can do about that. I am instead committed to working with those who work with us, the people who are taking up paid membership, and I hope that the site will continue to improve and become even more of a resource than it has been in the past. Basically we want to take it to the next level and we appreciate the support that we have received from some people to date.

For those who don’t want to pay for membership much of the site is still free and there is tons of industry specific information for you.

What recourse does one have if buxiban.com fails to render the services paid for? In which juristiction would disputes fall?

I don’t know what service you are referring to as I don’t really believe that we provide a service. We host information and we spend our time collecting this information together in one place to both save people having to look elsewhere for it and also to archive it so it doesn’t become lost. I think that we would best be referred to as a guide and as such some people will naturally find that more useful than others may. I am not sure what juristiction website subscritions fall under but I would recommend that you contact the website if you have a problem and we state as much on our site. If you are considering becoming a paid member but are unsure of whether it is worthwhile or not then feel free to contact us and we will do our best to steer you in the right direction.

I guess that what myu is getting at is ‘Why should we trust you?’.

If you look at my personal history on these forums over the years then you will see that I am honest, helpful, and reasonable. I have always given my time freely and answered emails and PM’s to me to the best of my ability. Not everyone agrees with me all of the time but then nor should they. But you will not find a single person or business that has been ripped off by me or the site, and the schools and recruiters that have been paying for membership there for some time would be the first to stand up in our favor. I think what should be clear after all of these years is that we are not running a cut-throat, fly-by night, rip you off website. We have an established website and it is full of information. If you think that this information could be valuable for you then feel free to sign up. If not then that’s okay too!

Please bear in mind though what I said previously as I would prefer that there were no misunderstandings. Our intention in making it a paid membership site is not to make bucket loads of money. We want to basically make a site where those who contribute benefit and those who don’t have anything to contribute can take advantage of the information provided by those that do have something to add. By offering payment for school reviews we are trying to make it clear that you don’t need to pay anything for the information on the site if you are willing to contribute to it. Our aim is just to try to get to the next level and to ensure that the resource that we built increases to grow for those who want it and need it.

I think your service is providing information, job listings, teacher data, etc.

If I go buy a book from Eslite, I know where I can return it if I’m not satisfied, I know who I can call if I want to complain, and I know the laws that govern my and Esilte’s actions. Same goes for Amazon.

I’m not at all trying to say that you would rip anyone off, but potential customers of your web site might want some kind of assurance. This is a problem faced by a lot of Internet ventures, as I’m sure you are aware.

Give Brian and Buxiban.com a break. You know it’s a good website (as is yours); it is an excellent resource packed full of useful info, and I’m sure it saves us Forumosans a lot of newbie questions.

If you want to question Buxiban about things, surely you should put your house in order first. Your website doesn’t give your name; and if you are not willing to put youe name to something then what value and credibility do you or your website have?

And that is why my favourite Taiwan website is Michael Turton’s. He does not hide behind an alias.

John Ross (the fattest, hairiest bastard in Jiayi)

My point in saying that i think it’s a bit odd that buxiban.com is charging is that last year when i looked at the website i would find a school i liked the sound of, then click on the link that send “send your info to this school” and after about 10seconds it would say “sorry, cant do that”. every single time.

i know i’m not the only one to have had this problem too.

so, in effect all i could do was look at the schools name and rating (which were almost invariably 3 stars) which isn’t really that useful at all.

i’m not having a go at you personally brian, just my opinion of the website.

[quote=“almas john”]myury,
Give Brian and Buxiban.com a break. You know it’s a good website (as is yours); it is an excellent resource packed full of useful info, and I’m sure it saves us Forumosans a lot of newbie questions.

If you want to question Buxiban about things, surely you should put your house in order first. Your website doesn’t give your name; and if you are not willing to put youe name to something then what value and credibility do you or your website have?

And that is why my favourite Taiwan website is Michael Turton’s. He does not hide behind an alias.

John Ross (the fattest, hairiest bastard in Jiayi)[/quote]

Alright, I’ll give him a break. And I agree that buxiban is a useful resource. I like the site.

I’m not asking brian to “come out,” but rather asking him a question that, in my experience, is something that customers want to know, especially in Taiwan where there are many scams that we hear about all the time. We get inquries all the time like this on myu: are you guys for real?, what if it doesn’t work?, etc. People have to be comfortable in parting with their money.

Peace all.

[quote=“Mugatu”] My point in saying that i think it’s a bit odd that buxiban.com is charging is that last year when i looked at the website i would find a school i liked the sound of, then click on the link that send “send your info to this school” and after about 10seconds it would say “sorry, can’t do that”. every single time.

i know i’m not the only one to have had this problem too. [/quote]

This is certainly news to me and not something that has been brought to my attention as the site admin. Did you by chance send us an email at the time to let us know that you were experiencing difficulties? If so I am sure that you would have received the attention that was due.

There have been a few times over the years when the system did not work effectively and these short periods were generally followed up with either an upgrade of the database or change of server space. I think that forumosa.com has gone through much the same here. To that end it is entirely possible that Mugatu had the experience that he outlines, but it is certainly not common place. Obviously it would be pretty hard for us to retain the membership that we have (just over 5,000 members not including school members) if what Mugatu has outlined was standard on our site.

In fact we did have a similar problem which saw member schools unable to access information for five days just recently. Some of them were aware of this, others weren’t. Regardless we have extended the membership period of every member school by seven days. The ones that are aware of this are very grateful for this fact.

No, I didn’t take your comments personally and as I state above they could indeed be well founded if you were unlucky enough to have been active on the site during one of those difficult times.

The whole buxiban.com website is based upon the archiving of personal experiences, and yours is of course a valid personaly experience.

Myu, it seems clear that you are out to spread the seed of doubt about the site. You did the same in that thread about Robert Phillips. I don’t know why you have something against our site, possibly because you see us as somehow competing with your website. Considering that buxiban.com has been around for longer than your site I can’t really do much about that. I don’t see us as competitors though and in fact feel that our two sites are both good resources for teachers which is why we maintain a link to your site on our site. I haven’t checked, but just out of curiosity would you be interested in reciprocating with a link to buxiban.com?

By posting this I’m trying to offer genuinely constructive criticism, so please don’t take any of this personally.

During my job search last year I sometimes referenced Buxiban.com to look up information about a school. However, the information was sporadic and when available was often a few years old. Some of it seemed to be gleaned directly from Forumosa. Now, I would be pretty pissed if I paid one site for information only to later discover that the same information was freely available on another site.

I posted my resume and information on the site’s “Teachers Available” board as well as a similar board on Tealit. I received a steady stream of interested calls and emails from schools because of my Tealit posting. From Buxiban.com I got a few prefab emails from agents. My girlfriend and I have both used myu.com and also gotten loads of work through that site.

The majority of jobs that were, and are now, listed were posted by agents. Why would I pay money to a site to connect me to an agent(who I will pay even more) that will then ulitmately connect me to a school? Especially when free sites like Tealit clearly see alot more traffic from employers.

Obviously you have a relationship with agents and recruiters. Considering that they seem to be offering a majority of the jobs on your site and will benefit from teachers using them to find positions, you shoud increase their listing prices.

Again, why pay for a jobs/information site when so many arguably superior others are available for free?

Thanks for your post and no offence taken even though it is not favorable to us.

As you seem to have missed my earlier comment on the subject I will state it again. Buxiban.com was not set up nor is it one of our main aims to be a job site. There are already plenty of job sites out there and some of these are very good at what they do. So if your sole aim is to land a job then I wouldn’t disagree with your opinion that there are other sites out there that would be more useful than buxiban.com.

This is along the same vein as our decision not to start our own discussion forum and instead to direct people interested in a discussion forum over to forumosa.com. Why reinvent the wheel?

Our aim is to archive information about schools and we have comments about schools dating back to 2001 listed on our site. Some of this information can be found elsewhere as you have pointed out and some of it is exclusive to our site. The bonus is that we archive the information all in one place which makes finding it much easier than it used to be and we maintain this information even when it is no longer available elsewhere. We are slowly but steadily moving through the school listings and updating these with more helpful and specific information based upon actuial visits to schools listed.

As stated on our site though we do rely upon teachers for much of the experiences that are listed on our site. When it was a free site I used to find it amusing when people would complain that there was no information about experiences at such and such a school where they had worked as they felt that such a terrible/terrific school should have been commented about - yet more often than not the complainant never took up our offer to submit a review. So if you are a teacher in a school and you don’t submit a review then why do you think that others should? I never really understood that.

Now the site has become a paid site and we are now paying for reviews and I am pleased to see that this offer is slowly paying off which will soon start to become evident on the site. We really wanted to encourage teachers who wouldn’t normally have taken the time to post comments to post, and while we are certainly not being inundated with such reviews I can see that we are getting more informative reviews coming in which is great. The other bonus is that we are getting more positive reviews about employers which should help to balance the negative stuff which is traditionally said about employers.

So basically what you are paying for at buxiban.com is information about schools all in one place. If that is of value to you then you may want to sign up. If you are not so much interested in researching schools but are just trying to land a job then there are other sites that may serve you better.

In regards to recruiters we don’t have any special arrangement with them, any more special than with our member schools that is. It is obvious that recruiters find the information about teachers looking for work more valuable than a school in as much as a school will probably contact a few suitable teachers while a recruiter will cast the net wider. One thing I will say in favor of our site here is that only registered and paying member schools and recruiters can contact you and only schools with good reputations can become members. So you can be a bit surer that the company that is contacting you is safer than average and you won’t get spam from listing on our site. Finally all recruiters who are members of our site have agreed to our protocol which prevents them from contacting you more than once which saves you from repetitive emails from a company that you may not be interested in. We are therefore going for quality rather than quantity which is what we have always done as we have tried to do things differently from others.

So every site has its plusses and minuses and the other sites that you have mentioned are indeed valuable resources if what they offer is what you are looking for. Equally I believe that buxiban.com is a valuable resource if you need the type of information that we hold.

Brian, what checks do you do to insure that reviews given are accurate? Do you contact the school and discuss the review with them so they know why they have been give a low rating? Can schools read their own reviews or do they have to pay for this service too?

The reason I ask is that I recently suggested to someone that they google a school they interviewed at before signing. They found the school on buxiban.com and saw that it was given a two star rating and are now considering not taking the job. If they want to read the actual review though, they would have to pay $30 - which seems a bit excessive just to look at one persons opinion of a school.

I haven’t been around here much recently so I guess it is lucky that I saw this post.

I am pleased to report that we are covering costs over there with the user pays system which has always been our aim. The site is now completely free of any paid advertisements or school listings such that the teachers who pay for access to our site are the ones who keep the site in operation. Although there never was a conflict of interest with the paid advertisements I do understand the skepticism of the critics of that site in that regard, and these criticisms have now been answered.

I really think that it is worth bearing in mind that buxiban.com was never meant to be a commercially profitable site. It was set up by a few teachers who wanted to ensure that information about schools was archived as well as having a one stop place for school listings. We are pretty happy that we have acheived that aim and somewhat surprised by the misguided accusations that we are somehow in it for the money.

Mugatu your questions are pretty fair so let me see if I can answer them for you.

The comments listed on our site are the opinions of those that post them just the same as comments made here are the opinions of those that post them. I don’t always agree with the comments that are made by I accept that they are legitimate opinions. We don’t list anything that names individuals, or that is overtly abusive or libellous, nor that makes accusations that obviously cannot be substantiated such as suggestions of corruption etc. This goes with positive and negative comments. The rating system will soon be a thing of the past over there as it is true that this part of the site is subjective. We will merely list the comments and let users decide for themselves whether they want to work for a school or not.

Yes we often do contact schools to let them know that comments have been made about them and give them the right of reply. I wouldn’t say that we discuss these comments with them as that would indicate that we were looking to make a judgement. I think it is probably fairer to say that we just want to get both sides of the argument for our site. I really think that the format we have over there is very good as the archive ensures that comments aren’t lost or disassociated. The comment is listed followed by the reply.

We no longer accept any form of payment from schools or recruiters either for advertising or listings. Even when we did accepts membership payments from schools they did not need to pay to find out what had been written about them. We welcome schools to contact us if they want to see what is written about them on that site and this information is available at no charge to them. As mentioned above we encourage this flow of information as it helps improve our site by having both sides of the argument.

We are neither pro-teacher nor anti-school so we have nothing to gain by hiding one point of view over another.

Personally I would love the site to have a lot more positive comments about good schools rather than negative comments about bad ones, but that is beyond my control.

You will see on that site that we welcome potential new users to contact us before making payment. I would prefer that someone make an informed decision not to pay for membership rather than to sign up only to regret that decision and complain about that later. On more than one occasion we have received such requests and were happy to let someone know the general jist of comments on our site about a certain school to save them the cost of signing up if they only wanted to check out one school. If he or she wanted access to the site to read the comments for him or herself then payment would be required to be fair to the paid members of our site.

It is worth pointing out again that you can become a full member of that site without making payment merely by posting a review of a school or recruiter that meets our review guidelines.

As mentioned in my earlier posts I don’t see buxiban.com as being a job finding site, but instead as a site to find out information about schools that the individual may be considering work at. Individuals who could benefit most from the site would be individuals who have a list of places that are under consideration and are wanting to make the short list even shorter. Or individuals that are wanting to make contact with schools that may not currently be advertising available positions. Finding a job can be hit and miss, but in my opinion buxiban.com can be a valuable tool.

I see that the domain name has expired, and my googling for incarnations has come up empty. Anyone know what happened to it? Buxiban.com was a good site so it’s a shame that it has evaporated into the ether. Having said that, I always found it a bit annoying that the site was so secretive in terms of saying who was behind it and what the purpose of the site was.

This www.buxiban.com does not exist anymore apparently. Is there another website or did they change the website name? Maybe I have to sign up to access this list. Any advice?