Buxiban in Taipei for sale

Looking for a buyer to take over a fully-legal English buxiban anytime around mid 2020.

It is in a busy Taipei area, next to a popular MRT station. The total floor space is about 50 ping. There are two classrooms, one teacher’s office, male and female bathrooms and front desk area. Student numbers hover between 100 - 120; at the moment there are around 100 with a list of 18 potentials for ABC class in September. These are all word of mouth, and with an advertising blitz and your own students, you could have a very nice deal.

To retain as many students as possible would require the buyer to ingratiate themselves with existing students and parents.

I am super busy and would like to plan this as discreetly as possible, so please PM for more info, but only if you are genuinely interested.

Hi! Buxiban owner here… I’d be interested in knowing more about the business/area. I do appreciate the need for discretion. We might be looking for a 2nd suitable location.

Best Wishes