Buxiban Mandarin for Kids

So, been trying to find summer and winter class/program for the kids to learn mandarin in Taipei. Is there school/buxiban for locals that foreigner kids can enroll? Any link to website or information will be gladly appreciated.

Found a directory below, but seems like they cater to rich foreign families.

I think most buxiban and summer/winter camp will accept.

Add: are you in Taiwan or abroad?

Add2: Are you looking for a class teaching language (mandarin), or classes/activities conducted by mandarin?

Add3: how old are the kids?

Most of sports centers will do summer/winger classes for kids, like this one.

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Thanks @tando!
We are abroad. Is it easier to just come and look around to enroll? Not sure if we need to enroll way in advance. Planning to stay at least 2 months.
Our kids will be 4 and 6. Will be looking for both types of class you mentioned. Afraid will be bored if its only a mandarin class.
Any specific name for the buxiban/sport center? We need help on the chinese keyword to search on google.

Summer/winter camp 夏/冬令營
Winter/summer vacation 寒/暑假
Bopomofo (read and maybe write) class 正音班 (often during summer vacation before 1st grade)
Taipei 台北
Sport center 運動中心
Elementary school 國小
Buxiban 補習班

Btw, do you know this site (not my site)?
A Toddler in Taipei: Explore Taiwan with Kids


Other pages on the site may be useful too.

Add: @asiababy is still around? I think she conducts classes for foreign kids in Neihu, including mandarin class. It might be a different poster and at a difference location, though. I don’t remember very well.

I’m not sure. Programs by sports centers, universities, etc. could be full early. There are many buxibans, so you could ask them when you are here, but I don’t have any first hand experience.

you might put them in a private kinder. They might request ARC, but might accept without it for 2 months. During summer/winter vacations, they might have some openings.

If they are interested in insects