Buxiban question

Does having better degrees/certificates make such a big difference in terms of salary?


Can’t hurt to ask and negotiate.

Ya, it could.

be careful how you word things :slight_smile:

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If you want to be paid as much as them get your Masters. But then if you have your Masters, you should really go for a job you can’t get without it.


It is a culture that has been about passing tests and getting qualifications for millennia. You may be better at singing Barney, but without the paper, you will not make as much.


I literally just approached my principal about exactly this, only opposite you. I’m licensed in TESOL and teaching Mandarin, but our school is an experimental school and they want a different certificate for the teachers who are paid generously. But I’m the EFL teacher, and I have the education and qualifications to do that job well. But they offered me something close to a cram school salary while other private schools like the one one I’m at pay easily 2x more for the work I’m doing.

Qualifications do make a difference in pay, especially with regards to masters degrees and licenses. Now, if there’s a gender pay gap and all other things are equal (same experience and education level), that’s not legal under the LSA. But if you’ve got a BA and your coworkers have Masters, that’s standard.

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