Buy a Fiat?

Like THAT’S going to happen.

General MOtors paid Fiat 2 billion US dollars to get out of having to buy out the whole firm. With that money they made some cars that sold in bigger numbers and now Fiat is out to buy OPEL from GM, plus they are going to provide cars to Chrysler in exchange for a big cut of Chrysler with no money output. I would say obviously enough people buy FIATs for them to have all that goin for em.

They also own Ferrari and Maserati and Lancia and Alfa Romeo (and yes those break down like Fiats do too).

I donno tho. Wouldnt be my first choice.

I would probably take a Fiat over a Seat tho but not over a Skoda .

The 500 is kinda cute and if cheap enough would be cool for Taiwan (maybe)

Fix It Again Tony. . .