Buy/Adopt Cat

Me and my family decided that we would be happy to adopt a cat here in Taipei, i could not find any good pet shops here so I was wondering if you guys could help :slight_smile:
We were looking for someone that would give away ragdoll or a siamese kitten since we’ve been having them since years now…
Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!

Location in Taipei? So we can give you the location of the nearest shelter.

Neihu, but I can go around Taipei for what it’s worth haha

The largest rescue shelter is in Neihu. Official Taipei one.

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Hi! My friend has a kitten he just adopted from a shelter a month ago. But due to some religious belief, he just discovered he can’t keep a cat. This kitten is really adorable and playful. He knows his way around the litter box and not picky on food. I want to adopt this cutie myself but unable due to some housing situation. Now I’m looking to give him a forever home. Please contact this number if you’re interested 0908575771 and we can discuss more about him.

Hi Athena, is the cat still available for adoption? Can we take this discussion over email?

Please don’t buy animals from petshops. Adopt, or look for a reputable breeder. Out in Taipei County I see all these sleezy pet shops with caged animals for sale. I’m glad that it’s something phased out in the West (item #22597878 the white man does well, humane treatment of animals).

Hi, I am looking for someone to adopt my kitten. Are you still interested? He is 2 months old, vaccinated and super clean❤️

Hi, is someone looking to adopt a cat? I have a 1-yr old mixed short-haired cat. He is well-behaved, loves to snuggle, enjoys occasional walks in the park, and potty-trained. He likes to maintain cleanliness and sleeps most of the day as what all cats do. He has complete vaccination too. You can message anytime if you’re interested.

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