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First happy new year.

We are planning to visit taipei coming April with our 3 year old todler. We like to buy online a carseat in taipei and send it to parents in law.

Any recommended websites (buy or rent) to do researches. We have one in Amsterdam ,but it is isofixed and super heavy to bring to taipei.

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Pretty much all the brands you find in your home country are available in Taiwan too.
You can do the research at home and look for the same one in Taiwan afterwards. If you have problems finding it by then, come back and we can give you better directions.

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Thank you for reply. I need to use one at taipei airport already. We going straight with parents in law by car to taidong. Would love to buy online and send to my parents in law in taipei. I checked carrefour and couple sites, but could not find info. Thats why post here, to ask for some websites.



If you want to check online, your can try

These are online shopping websites that have a large selection of products, including car seats.
Note that both websites are in Chinese. Google Translator is your friend!

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Some more links for you:汽車安全座椅

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thank you very much, amazing. Deeple translate is more my vocabular friend. :slight_smile:

I didn’t know about DeepL, so it’s good to know that there are alternatives out there. But can it handle Chinese? For what I saw, it translates only seven languages, all European.

I have two isofix car seats. Giving them away for free if you are interested. I am located in Taiwan Song Shan District 105. PM me for pick up location and contact information

If nobody takes your isofix seats, I’d be interested in taking one if you don’t mind!