Buy chemically treated lumber to build


I bought a townhouse in GuanYin and earlier this year brought some electric tools (1/3 cost for lesser quality tools in Taoyuan) from Virginia.

I’m hoping to build some pressure/chemically treated bench seats, flower window boxes for my house.

I’ve checked with some contractors, but all I’ve been able to find thus far is untreated, composites unsuitable for what I want.

I’m looking for 2x8x8-10’ boards and 1x4x6-8’ boards.

I have a car & can drive to pick it up.

Thank you,

DIY Steven

look for construction wood suppliers. They have pressure treated wood, and that’s all they ever use to build outdoor wooden fixtures in Taiwan. Untreated wood will not survive outdoor.

They essentially look kinda green.

Located in Xingjhuan.