Buy in TW or HK?

I’m working in Beijing now and will be spending my spring festival in Taiwan will all my Taiwan friends and will be doing some shopping. I found that electronics are much more expensive in Beijing (china) then in Hong Kong or Taiwan because china decided to slap a fat tax on things. I’m looking into buying an xbox 360, 1TB hard drive, 8GB flash drive and maybe a few other such things but have realized that I can save a lot if I wait until my holiday. The big question is if i should buy these things in Hong Kong or in Taiwan. When I bought my PS2 in Taiwan a few years ago i found that it was much cheaper then in Canada. So where is cheaper to buy, both are equally convenient.

Well, you can have a look here to get an idea of what prices are like here now.
No idea about HK.

I’ve always found HK cheaper than Taiwan for electronic items.

Keep voltages and plug types in mind.